10 Values Of The Sigma Male

Of all male types based on the alphabet-based categorization of men, the Sigma Male is definitely the most mysterious one. Want to know what he is up to?

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A Sigma is not that boasting macho Alpha Male that seeks dominance (and approval) above everything else. Nor is he putting women on a pedestal like that vajayjay-worshipping Beta Male that is willing to work his ass off on the plantation. Like an Omega Male he is not concerned with outside validation, but he is not a geek either. So, what is he?

In this article I will discuss the Sigma Male by proposing 10 values that he lives by.

(1) No need to prove anything

Opposed to an Alpha Male, the Sigma Male does not feel the need to prove himself or to brag about his accomplishments. Even if the Sigma Male outperforms that loud Alpha in the room in every way, he simply shrugs his shoulders and keeps his mouth shut. He not need to prove himself and he doesn’t fancy the attention either. His business is his privacy.  

(2) Autonomy

There is nothing in the world that makes the Sigma Male happier than his power to decide what he wants to do and when he wants to do it. Often, Sigmas are not happy working for a boss or having to conform to a group or team. The might do it because it will benefit them in the long run, but in general they dislike authority. Especially the people above him are incompetent or just plain stupid.

On the other hand: a Sigma Male can cooperate and team together with an authority figure that he respects and who respects his autonomy as well.

(3) Ideological independence

Sigmas cringe by the thought of conforming to a set of beliefs and ideologies that are dogmatic and, thus, incompatible with his. In general, Sigma Males are free thinkers. They are open to all convictions and beliefs but always remain critical.

Converting themselves to a religion, sect or political ideology is out of the question if such a position excludes other belief systems. That doesn’t mean that Sigma Male can’t be religious. It’s just that he will never give up his ideological independence, despite what the priest or imam says. For a Sigma, spiritual belief is a private matter.

(4) Intellect

The position of a Sigma Male lends for studying, observing and analyzing the world perfectly. His curious nature often leads to him reading the trivia on IMDb everytime after he has seen a movie. And he spends his time often educating himself by reading, listening to Podcasts and watching videos on YouTube.

What interests a Sigma Male can vary, so there are no rules for what his interests are. He sees it as his duty to get to know the world he was born in.  He enjoys to watch the manifestation of the universe unfold from a safe distance (while taking notes).

(5) Adaptability

Sigma Males are like water. They easily adapt to every circumstance because they possess a lot of general knowledge and good social skills. Because they are such good observers they are masters at influencing and even manipulating other people.

A man with the Sigma personality is often a trustee of an influential/powerful Alpha Male. Not only because he is a good listener, but because reliability and integrity he deems very important qualities.

(6) Solitude

A Sigma Male attaches value to spending time alone. He needs his solitude to charge his battery and simply enjoys his own company. In solitude he creates his gameplan, he builds his business and takes good care of his own well-being.

It doesn’t mean that he hates group setting. He might even enjoy them. But after a while he gets the desire to retreat and let the dust of human interaction settle.

For a Sigma, solitude is strength and a core principle of his life. I think this is quite self-explanatory.

(7) Introspection

Since Sigma Males like solitude so much, they are quite aware of the power of introspection. They take time to contemplate on what’s going on the their lives, but also reflect on the past and plan for the future.

They will re-evaluate their thoughts and ideas, drop the outdated and adopt new ones if necessary. Introspection will make them stronger and wiser human beings.

(8) Civil disobedience

This is a fun one. A Sigma Male does not like authority. He doesn’t like anything or anyone that tries to decide what he should do or what he should think. In fact, he mocks authority. If he sees the opportunity to ridicule the status quo, it is not unlikely that he takes it for his own entertainment.

Also, he loves to break all these silly laws from time to time. According to philosopher Henry David Thoreau civil disobedience is  a duty. One of his two masterpieces called Civil Disobedience (the other one is Walden) is devoted do this.

A Sigma male knows that rules from above are meant to keep us walking in line like heard of sheep. He lights a cigarette in a non-smoking area, or rides the bicycle on the sidewalk instead of the road. Yeah, these are just small things. But breaking rules from time to time – without being a criminal – he sees as a civil duty.

(9) Winning by not playing

A Sigma Male chooses his battles carefully. He realizes that most battles are simply a waste of time. Let those Alpha Males dominate the room, let those Omega Males play their video games and let those Beta Males put women on a pedestal. The Sigma Male is very selective in his actions and does not follow the herd at all. This saves him a lot of time and energy. In fact: the Sigma Male wins by not playing.

(10) Silence is golden

Speaking is inferior to keeping your mouth shut as far as the Sigma Male is concerned. Not only you are giving away valuable information when you are talking all the time; you are not listening either. He who knows does not talk. He who talks does not know. Abraham Lincoln once said: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

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  1. very good………the sigma male fit’s me perfectly, I am constantly learning, adapting, like a chamelion, I do not cherish being around people, yes, detest being told what to do by loud petty overbearing Authority,crowds of people drain me, my way to recharge is walk or camp alone in the great forests for days on end, teaching myself wilderness skills, even being married a can easily be alone, alone but not lonely a vast difference, very few people like who they see in the mirror each morning, even fewer like being alone with no one around, the majority cannot be alone, people who are insecure in who they are too often take drugs or abuse alcohol, be a man and dare to find out who you really are, trust me, you will be pleasently surprised. Our world is being setup for a giant reset, there will be a collapse, only question is when, plan and make yourself as self sufficient as you can, learn , learn and share with others patiently who will listen, forget those who will not listen to you- peace

  2. Hi, did you notice on the Gillette ad that all the guys showing ‘toxic’ behaviour are white guys… and all the people breaking up the bad behaviour are ‘black knights’ ?

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