Why Feminism Doesn’t Work – Tao of MGTOW series #18

I had to read several translations of chapter 18 a few times to find out the meaning of it. I think what What Lao Tzu tries to point out here is that it’s always superior to follow the natural course of things, and it’s inferior to follow these man made virtues. People tend to use virtues for their own good. In other words: they have an agenda.

Trying to do good always has a dark side (the way to hell is paved with good intentions). Most people that try to do good are doing it to get something out of it.

The typical beta male nice guy may be pampering and spoiling women, just to get some action. And the muscular alpha male white knight may protect and stand up for women for the same reason.

The same goes for the feminist approach. When I look closer at feminism, I see an ideology that just benefits a handful of people, rather than a movement that benefits all. Feminism promotes these values like equality, female empowerment and freedom of sexuality.

Well, okay. Especially in a society where women are collectively treated like crap I understand that it’s natural that, at some point, women react. The same thing we see happening in the current age in which men are increasingly marginalized.

We see the raise of phenomena like MGTOW, MRA’s and incels. It’s the simple but all-encompassing law of cause and effect.

To learn more, watch the video above.

📘 Tao Te Ching
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