Are The Feminists Winning?

What are the feminists up to these days? Well, I have got three stories for you, about gender neutrality, Amber Heard and a case of promiscuous pride.

Gender Neutral Passport

An inhabitant of Dutch city Breda will receive the first Dutch gender neutral passport. Her sex now says X, instead of man or woman. If you ask me, you are either a man or a woman. There are only two reproductive organs.

Dutch passport
Dutch passport

In other words: you either make eggs or you make sperm. Yeah, it’s that simple. Everything that deviates from that is a defect. It’s abnormal.


Room for abnormality

Luckily, In the civilized world we do have room for abnormal; we accept the fact that deviations happen. Therefore, in civilized countries, we see that people with a mental or physical challenge are cared for. But what these feminists are trying to do is making abnormal the standard. And that’s when things turn into chaos.

If you are a man and feel like a woman. Fine. But don’t claim yourself to be a separate gender: you are a man that feels like a woman. Deal with it. But don’t demand us to see you otherwise because you are not.

A binary child? WTF

When it comes to homosexuality and the way people choose to express themselves, I’m kind of liberal. For each its own, live and let live. Who am I to tell them how to act. But a comment below an article on the news website I found disturbing:

As a mother of a non binary child I get scared because of some reactions. No wonder that many of them commit suicide. They are already struggling with their being. And then these comments. Bah. Please educate yourself first before you comment.

A non binary child. Come on, what the hell is that? A hermaphrodite?

Children’s identity

If you have son that feels or acts like a girl or vice versa, consider this. Every child has its phases in life and kids change interests frequently. Some boys can be suddenly interested in sewing or play with dolls. And the next thing you know, they are playing soccer. There are plenty of girls that love to play soccer as well.

Kids playing with water
Kids playing with water

My youngest sister had a phase that she wanted to be a boy, because in her child mind she though boys are cooler than girls. It was just a phase. She has become a beautiful feminine woman. Also, I believe that every man has female characteristics and every woman has male characteristics. Just look around you.

This is no solution

My problem with the comment above is this. It’s great that you respect your child’s struggle, but by labeling on it, you do have the work. Congratulations: you have put you child in a box. You have already decided for the child where it is going. Giving your child a stupid label “non binary child” in this case, as well as demanding all kinds of silly made up genders, will not make your child happier.

I’m very sure that purple haired screaming gender neutral “zhers” that are demanding rights and blaming conservative thinkers for their misery, are not happy people and are not pleasant people to be with. It’s not solving anything. It’s blaming the world and refusing to address your struggles and to honestly look at potential causes and solutions. No matter how harsh this is.

Feminist Amber Heard

Actress Amber Heard spoke out this week about feminism. She is a feminist herself and, like any feminist, has an opinion. Heard is sick of feeling like she, and the women around her, are expected to make some sort of amends for the way they look.

We need to challenge this notion and this long-standing concept that we, as women, have to implicitly apologize for how we look in some way. We look too good to be taken seriously; we don’t look good enough to be seen as viable in the dating world, in the social world or even in the workplace.

Amber Heard
Image from:

Oh my. The poor western woman! We all know that they are the true victims of civilization. People of planet earth, I invite you all for 10 seconds of mourning for all the misery, all the suffering women like Amber Heard go through in their lives.

Challenging the old status quo

Now let’s see what else Amber Heard has to say. She thinks that women need to challenge the “old status quo”.

It’s age shaming, it’s beauty shaming, it’s fat shaming, it’s skinny shaming,” she says. “You, as a woman, should have and do have the right to look whatever way you want. It doesn’t matter if you are called beautiful, you feel beautiful, you seek beautiful — or the complete opposite of it — you can and should be able to dress, and wear, and express, and feel, and call yourself whatever you want.

Age shaming, beauty shaming, fat and skinny shaming is not telling you that you cannot be old, ugly, fat or skinny. You should be able to look like whatever you want – and you are – but people should be able to express their opinions about you as well. This is called freedom of speech. So if you choose to look like a cross between an unwashed dachshund and a greasy pork sandwich, then expect people to form their opinions about that. 


Woman walking around in dress
Woman walking around in dress

If you wear high heels, a miniskirt and the amount of makeup of an average circus clown, then expect not to be taken seriously. You look like a hooker and a court jester at the same time. And people do not see you as viable for the dating world because you don’t look good enough? Give me a break, Amber. The majority of women don’t even give the majority of men the time of the day. And I’m sure that you won’t date down either after being with Johnny Depp and Elon Musk. Come’on. Are you serious?

Because you are worth it! (another feminist slogan)

This is what she says about her working together with L’Oreal:

Two years ago, I couldn’t have imagined having such a global brand that represents and serves so many women to approach me for a partnership. It’s a brand that has had the tagline ‘Because You’re Worth It’ since before I was born. It seems like a very organic fit and I feel very honoured that their messaging is so aligned with mine and some of the principles that I have always aligned myself with and identified myself with — and fought for, frankly.

And that’s exactly what I mean. Because you are worthy of only the best, richest, most successful and most handsome looking men. That’s what the L’Oreal generation has become: a group of entitled women that feel that they deserve only the best. I mean, who do you think you are? What we see now is that the majority of men are not perceived as good enough, because they are not in the top 10 percent. And at the same time you blame men because they find ugly women unviable for dating? That’s insane!

This isn’t about feminism, this isn’t even about privilege, this is plain female supremacy. Jesus Christ, get a grip.

Dutch woman proud of her promiscuity.

Today’s women are getting more bed partners than ever. In Dutch media, a so called feminist/seksvlogger/influencer called Linda de Munck, is proudly telling the world that she has slept with an above average number of men. And she is proud of it.

The fact that I put nude pictures of myself on social media and that I’m open about my sex life, is a reason for many men to think that I am ‘easy’.

Woman in lingerie about to screw
Woman in lingerie about to screw

Well, you are easy in exposing your body on the internet. And the fact that you are sleeping with many different men – according to yourself – sounds like you are easy and without much boundaries. If you were not easy and had some boundaries then you wouldn’t sleep around so much in the first place. This is called logic. Not the twisted reasoning a feminist usually uses to make her point. Of course, you live in a free country so you are free to do as you like. But don’t be so surprised when men think that you are easy. Because, according to your behavior, you probably are.

Slut shaming

Often I’m called slut, by women as well as by men. If they mean that I have a unrestrained sex life: that’s true. My amount of bed partners is above average, but that’s my own choice.


Well, I think that everyone should do whatever they like. But if you are shouting from the rooftops how profligate your sex life is, probably for attention, then don’t be surprised that people form their opinions about this.

You are free to say what you want, think what you want and sleep around as much as you want, but so are we free to say and think what we want. Why are you mad that there are people that don’t support your feminist ideas of turning society in an open air rampage of promiscuity?

Man’s chest versus women’s breast

I really don’t see a difference between a man’s chest and a woman’s breast. That there is something sexual about a woman’s nipple is our own invention. Women’s breasts are functional, made to feed a child. And yes, it’s an erogenous zone but isn’t that true for men as well? Probably you’ll get a fine of you go out as a woman without a shirt, but on the beach or during festival’s I’ll go topless.  

Well, I don’t about you guys.. have you ever had an orgasm by wanking your chest? I never had. But I have never tried either. I guess I have something to do tonight. Another thing is that titties turn many men into hungry cavemen. Nature or nurture: it’s the way it is right now.

Women at a festival
Women at a festival

So do the bare chests of men have the same effect on you, Linda? I guess we have to eat more soy, gentlemen, to ban out our masculine tempers. Or maybe we all should wear chastity belts? Oh, and by the way, you are also quite easy in displaying your breasts everywhere. And how about me displaying my willy everywhere? Would you like it if I’m going to sit next to you on the bus with my nice, shiny, stiff penis? Or would you scream:

HELP! He is sexually assaulting me!!

It’s not black and white

That we are less strong physically is a fact. But being tough and dominant are not just male characteristics. Women can have those characteristics as well. It’s not just black or white, and for sure it’s not pink or blue. So we must stop doing as if there is a certain way women should behave.   

Well, Linda. You are right. Personally, I think that everyone can have an opinion on how people should behave, including yourself. Again, you are pushing your audience to think a certain way, using this “we must” statement. Why are you doing that?

I suspect that you use the feminist cause to legitimize your own agenda which is, simply, attention and sleeping around as much as you can.

What nature has decided

While everyone should decide for themselves how to behave as long as they don’t break the law, there are some things that nature has decided for us. I’ll drop a few:

  • The majority of women like manly men. Men that are dominant and display masculine features like facial hair, muscles and low pitched voice.

In other words: I’m free to be a spineless, feminine wimp, chances are big that you will not give me access to your bedroom. Is there anything wrong with that? Not really. We have to respect female preference when it comes to mate selection. At the end of the day, it is part of nature. But, how about this one:

  • The majority of men do not like to get married or have a relationship with women that have been screwed by an entire football team including those on the bench.
Woman sitting at bed
Woman sitting at bed

But that is something you cannot seem to handle. However, from experience I know that most women are very aware of this fact.

That’s why many of them lie about their number because they are afraid that their relationship prospect runs away screaming if they find out about them riding the cock carousel. And no, this is not man’s fault. It is male preference that has given to us by nature. Why are you trying to change human nature, Linda?

Final thoughts

Well, if you ask me Linda is the typical 20 year-old entitled millennial woman, who wants to have her cake and eat it too. She is young and beautiful and her world is he oyster, but does not want to accept that you reap what you sow.

If you want to sleep around and show your breasts everywhere; go ahead. But don’t be surprised that people form an opinion about you as a person. And don’t be surprised that when your looks fade, that you have nothing left except a promiscuous past, and that no decent self-respecting man wants to grow old with you because of it. Again: you reap what you sow… you reap what you sow.

So, lone wolves, there you have it. Feminists try to change to world and it looks like they get a lot of stupid shit done. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to have good laugh, and, after that, I’ll go my own way again.

Remember: the best negotiating position is your willingness to walk away and mean it.

2 thoughts on “Are The Feminists Winning?”

  1. All feminists think is that their POV is the only point of view that exists. Which is why they can make crazy statements like no difference between male and female chests, non binary kid, and hamster the fact that they are promiscuous but not easy. The worst one is being both the instigator and the victim.

    This fried ice mindset these women have needs to stop…because it doesn’t exist and never will.

  2. Exactly, they have a fried ice mindset. It has to stop someday!

    I’m so curious about what will happen with the generation of women that are currently in their teens and twenties. Also, what is going to happen with the men? Will they finally wake up or will they become a collective cuckold to there female peers?

    There are some strange times ahead of us.

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