4 Reasons Why Dating SUCKS These Days

In today’s world the dating options are endless. I can remember the time when dating was different. During highschool and college, there was this sense of simplicity. Now, it just sucks.

You either approached a girl at school, at a bar or on the streets , exchanged phone numbers or MSN. You set up a date, anticipated it, had a drink, and that’s it. Nowadays, I see people having at least two or three dating apps on their phones, like Happen, Tinder or Inner Circle, using online dating websites, social media and WhatsApp which creates a plethora of dating options. It seems like a good things, but it has a dark side.

Back in the day, for example, the chance of the other person dating other people simultaneously was kind of small. And when you were in a bar everybody knew that if they want to meet someone, that time and place was that chance, which meant that people we more focussed on each other than on their phones.

A couple kissing
A couple kissing

Nowadays, people have a list of Tinder-matches in their pockets, multiple people on WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook. Making selfies for Instagram has become just as important as enjoying the night. Serial dating has become the norm, there is much more competition and, therefore, higher standards, more hypergamy and, overall, less dating security. It’s the curse of abundance. In this video I give you 4 reasons why dating sucks these days.

1. You waste a lot of time

So, I have a few serial daters in my office, who have several dates with different people in one month. Imagine of you date once a week and let’s say that this date takes three hours. That’s 156 hours a year spent on dating, and many of those people remain single.

Unless you see this activity as a hobby, I wouldn’t have time nor energy to keep it up. And if you are into drinking you will spend the next day hungover as well. Another thing, with dating apps, is the daily swiping, messaging with multiple people.

So if you want to work another full-time job just to get some ass, please continue dating. In my opinion, wasting precious time is a valid reason why dating sucks these days. 

2. Your wallet shrinks

Some dating app are free, others come with a price tag. But the biggest investment is in the dating itself. Normally, I would spend like 30 euros on a date. That’s like 35 dollars. For me that’s a whole week of groceries.

A wallet with coins on top
A wallet with coins on top

If you spend 35 dollars a week dating, it will cost you 1820 dollars a year. That’s almost two grant a year. And then I’m not even talking about the gold diggers who expect to pay for the entire date. I even heard stories about single mothers who expect that you pay her AND her kids.

If you want your wallet shrink like a penis in a snowstorm, please continue dating. In my opinion, a shrinking wallet is a valid reason why dating sucks these days. 

3. Your intelligence is wasted

I don’t know about you, but I think the majority of conversations during a first or second date are hopelessly of boring. I mean, what guy on earth truly enjoys listening to stories about that her promiscuous friends, her job in the office, backpacking i.e. carousel riding trips in Thailand, and the fact that her cat can likes to ride her new robot vacuum cleaner?

No thinking brain
No thinking brain

Okay, I admit: I do enjoy small talk from time to time. And I do enjoy connecting with a woman, and I don’t always mind the substance of the conversation. It’s part of socializing with people, you know. But if I have to listen to that stuff every week, I’m sure that my intelligence will degenerate very rapidly.

So if you want a lower IQ, please continue dating. In my opinion, a degenerating brain is a valid reason why dating sucks these days. 

4. It’s stressful

Last but not least: dating is stressful as hell. Getting matches, getting her number, setting up an appointment. Tinder seems to be setup to make you hooked. They want to keep people swiping.

Dating nowadays is more about the dopamine rush than finding a partner for life. Dopamine rushes are addictive, and make people coming back for more. Technology keeps us up at night, at the expense of our overall health.

So if you prefer cortisol over a relaxed life, please continue dating. In my opinion, the stress that comes with the current dating game is a valid reason why dating sucks these days.

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