4 Ways To Have Fun With Female Co-workers

Making the best of the worst situations is a great strength of human beings. Even during wartime they found ways to have fun. But how can we possibly have fun with female co-workers?

It’s hard to believe that war actually lends itself for some great fun, but if we believe veterans it is true. Soldiers throwing parties, jokes before the battlefield; humor is an important coping mechanism.

Women at work: the very definition of war

Would you rather be in Afghanistan or at work with female colleagues?

Almost as bad as wartime is working together with women. As a matter of fact: women in the workplace is the very definition of war.

I’m a guy that has many years of experience with working with women; even in places where women outnumber men. And I have learned how to actually have fun with them.

Yes, it is possible!

With the right attitude you can have a great time with women at work. You just need to learn how see the fun in things. Being able to find enjoyment in hell display true strength of character, don’t you think? 

From my personal experiences of 10+ years working with women, I will give you 4 ways to have fun with them.

(1) Observe

The easiest way to enjoy women at the workplace is simply by doing this: grab a drink and some popcorn, go sit behind your desk, lean back and enjoy the show (like Michael Jackson below).

Some men aren’t aware of this but when women work with women there are social dynamics at play that are more complicated than rocket science.

To keep it simple: they all hate each other.

Women interacting with each other is one big show. One minute you see Julia compliment Stacy on her new dress. A minute later Julia tells Amy how (f)ugly Stacy’s dress is; “like she picked it up from the streets.”

No matter where you go: it’s the same everywhere. Even in places like academia they tear each other apart.

#METOO listen up. The biggest misogynists in the world are not men. It’s women!

Many women tell me that they rather work with men. Even a female superior I once had told me that women at the workplace are absolutely terrible.

Just watch the soap series called your job unfold in front of your eyes. It’s better than The Bold & The Beautiful and Jerry Springer combined.

(2) Talk

Especially last year I have started to enjoy chatting with my female coworkers. Oftentimes they tell you valuable information about other co-workers because they cannot keep their mouths shut. But they will tell you a lot of personal stories too.

A friendsly chat with a female co-worker.

These are stories about how they cheated on their boyfriends, why they ended a relationship or about the latest dates they had. Yes, this might sound horrible but I see it this way: free red pills!

In some cases, just a 5 minute conversation with a coworker will cure you from any form of ‘blue pill nostalgia’ (if you happen to suffer from that) and prevent relapsing into a beta cuck.

Stacy tells you about how she rode the cock carousel in her twenties?

BOOM! There you go.

Emma opens up about her list of demands that she has for her future prince charming?

BANG! Another red bullet fired through your heart.

Or how about that cutie Sanne (typical Dutch name) who turns out to be a single mother with two kids and only dates bad boys?

KABOOM! Fatality.

By chatting with your female co-workers you have become as red pilled as you can get while getting PAID. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

(3) Flirt

I mean: why not? Some women are open to it. Even some married women or women that are in a relationship like to flirt with their male colleagues.

The many office jobs I had were boring as hell, so flirting with a female coworker at least made it a bit more exciting. It’s much better than sitting in a corner resenting everything with boobies (and if you do it right you might even get laid).

But watch out! There is danger ahead.

(1) Flirting CAN lead to her accusing you of sexual harassment if done wrong.

Heck, even if done right she can accuse you of sexual harassment!

Shit… even if you don’t flirt at all she can accuse you of sexual harassment!  

Pfff… never mind.

(2) She ‘cockteases’ you. ‘Cockteasers’ are evil attention seekers that like to experiment with how they can play a man.

My secret Patreon video contains my story about a cockteaser at work that I dealt with.

They do everything for male attention and when you start chasing her she has won. The workplace-cockteaser likes as many male colleagues in her orbit as possible.

If you prevent these dangers you are good to go. 

(4) Add some fuel to the fire

Here comes the fun part. During the ongoing war of women you are neutral as a man. Especially if you are that easy going guy who listens to their stories. They actually love that guy.

The secret is that a female colleague will tell you everything that’s on their mind when she trusts you. For example: Ingrid will tell you how much she hates Stacy and Julia.

Young pretty professional

Stacy and Julia happen to be your co-workers as well. And now comes the interesting part: Stacy and Julia will also tell you how much they hate Ingrid. They hate your boss as well who happens to be a woman. Oh, and they hate each other. 

Because your female colleagues can’t shut up they have provided you with valuable information about themselves and each other. You can use this information as fuel to the fire. Just to stir things up.

Now, don’t mingle and don’t join them in the flame war. The trick is to be the good guy. And the good guy is as ‘neutral’ as possible.

You should be like a puppeteer whose puppets don’t even realize that they are getting played.

To give this story a Taoistic twist: be like water. Be subtle and covert: just listen to Ingrid, ask her an occasional question and be agreeable.

When moment is there: BOOM! You share that bit of information from her enemies that will make her go nuts (and you’re such a great guy for sharing it and such a good listener).

Before you know it the invisible war unfolds in front of your eyes (if that’s even possible?). Sit back and enjoy.

That’s it guys! I hope this article has put a smile on your face.  If not, watch this video I recorded last Sunday: 


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