A Personal Note To You

The way I approached by blog is changed, and so have many other things. I’d like to update you on my recent thoughts, reflections and activities.

A lot has been happening lately in the manosphere. I haven’t followed all events in great detail, but I know what’s going on. Humans are inclined to be governed by the issues of the day. There’s nothing wrong with that. Moreover, I think it’s healthy to have discussions, conflict and an occassional clash to set things straight, whether it regards chameleons, PUAs or other so-called ‘infiltrators’ of the community.

These turbulences make me think about my own work and position as a man going his own way, which, I think, is an ever evolving process.


The reason I’m not roasting anyone or speaking out against certain people on my channel seems to be a complete lack of motivation. It might be because of my immersion in Stoic and Taoist philosophy lately, that I give less and less f*cks about things beyond my control. On the one hand, this indifference saves a lot of time and energy and, above all, gives me focus.

I need this focus because in January I started another channel (non-MGTOW) that I want to grow into something professional, which means that my workload has doubled. On the other hand, this indifference leads to me not keeping up with the latest news within the community.

Nonetheless (plot twist), I felt like giving my two cents to YogiOabs this morning and wrote him a comment below his video Why MGTOW’s Deserve Extinction. For me, that’s that.

Quality versus quantity

My new channel and my wish to be a full-time content creator, whether it’s YouTube, blogging or writing a book, it’s imperative for me that I keep my focus and be very efficient with my time. I have to make choices.

The previous approach to this blog was simply posting my video content in text format. Of course, I edited the text here and there to make it more readable but in essence they were still video scripts. The time it took me to format and edit these texts and the response and views I got compared to my YouTube channel made me conclude that it’s not an efficient process.

I have cleaned up my blog and decided to only post content here that is exclusive and doesn’t appear on my YouTube channel. I’m not going to spam you, though. These posts may be weekly or, sometimes, even monthly. As I’m doing with my Tao of MGTOW series I nowadays focus more on the quality. And, thus, I rather craft a great article than 5/6 petty ones just to get more views.

My blog content will most likely consist of ‘thoughts’ and Q&As if I get enough questions. There are many subjects that I’d like to talk about, like male/female dynamics, Taoism and Stoicism.

Thank you

I want to thank you guys for subscribing to my blog and I want to thank my followers on YouTube as well. It has been a great journey that started in July 2018, and I’ve never expected all the great things that grew out of it.

I’ve met many interesting and inspiring people, and creating content gives my life meaning. So, I hope I can do this more many years to come.

Currently I have two sponsors Luca Venditti & Red Pill Ring. These guys help me to continue making content. Buying their products will help my channel to survive, especially after the demonetization that happened back in November.

Thank you for reading. Keep it solitary. Goodbye!

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  1. I’ve also noticed that video blogs get more response than text blogs. That makes no sense as text is faster to read and easier to quote & discuss but it is what it is.

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