The Solitary Wolf creates content on YouTube and this blog about minimalism, Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), philosophy and spirituality.

What is my mission?

I am here for the individual and autonomous man. I write articles and create videos, both informative and entertaining, all meant to benefit the lives of men. Philosophy, psychology and spirituality are the main sources of my work. If you want to fuel my mission, please click on the button below:


Some facts about the Wolf:

🐺 Enjoys autonomy and individualism as a man.
🐺 Published several religion/culture related articles as a freelance journalist, in newspapers and magazines.
🐺 Is interested in Taoism, Stoicism and Buddhism.
🐺 Lives in the Netherlands.

🐺 Loves techno and rock music, but likes many other styles as well.🐺 Does not live in his mother’s basement and does not play video games anymore, although his favorite games are Final Fantasy VII and the Elder Scrolls series.

For questions, feedback or suggestions, please e-mail me at walkwiththewolf@outlook.com


For The Individual Man