Are Strong, Independent Women Great girlfriends?

Are Strong, Independent Women Great girlfriends?

Today I’m going to ask the following question: are strong, independent women great girlfriends?

In an article called 8 Things To Remember If You Love An Independent Woman, it’s made very clear what a guy who dates such a woman can expect, and I quote:

Independent women have goals and ambitions that are extremely important. These goals and ambitions may even be more important than your relationship at times. You may find that she will cancel a date if it means that she can achieve something she’s been working towards in her career. You’ll need to learn to support her, because she’s had to learn how to be as ambitious as she is in order achieve her dreams.

End quote. So there you have it. Their goals are important to them. They are more important than you.

Corporate woman with tablet
Corporate woman with tablet

But what about the other way around? Since you are probably ambitious and have a great career (otherwise she would not even date you) then the chances are high that you suddenly get a phone call from your company to work on that assignment, or you have an urgent conference call with that important client. Well, this is what Kirsten Corley has to say in an article on Thought Catalog:

A strong woman won’t accept you canceling last minute when she’s already dressed and ready to go. If you cancel on her you better be ready to make it up to her or she will walk away. If you promise a strong girl something you better follow through with it.

See? They will not tolerate flakiness, but your goals should never be more important than her. In other words: she is entitled to your time above everything else.

Should we be a sweet, caring, complacent, bad boy, Alpha Male?

In addition to this, she has some other interesting things to say. So let us take a look. I quote:

Strong women don’t tolerate anyone treating them badly.

Business woman smiling
Business woman smiling

Well, except if your name is Christian Grey. But, of course, it depends entirely on your whims. On the one hand we risk being called boring in the bedroom or a nice guy. But when we decide to grab our manhood and man-hand our woman like a caveman, we risk to be accused of whatever you want to accuse us of, because we can only touch you with your consent. In other words: we should be bad boys, but only when the woman wants us to.

And when she wants us to be a complacent, beta cuckboy or the emotional tampon, then that is what we are supposed to do. And in some magical, spiritual way, we should be able to see how she *feels.* Well, gentlemen, I guess we have to be equipped with a different trick for every situation like a circus animal, but at least the lion tamer gives us clear instructions.

Yeah, yeah, ms. perfect is looking for mister perfect

A woman called Emi Gutgold wrote an article on the website Bolde called 10 Reasons, strong, independent women are the hardest to love. Here is what she has to say and I quote:

We want our lives to be perfect down to the last detail.

Why not start with yourself?

If he’s not ready to fit into that picture, he should stay away. We’ll definitely drive him crazy with our neurosis.

The latter is definitely true. That’s why so many men have decided to go MGTOW. Most men don’t want to fit in the picture of a perfectionist, career-obsessed, judgemental… bi.. human being. Why not work on your neurosis instead of projecting your ridiculously high standards on men? It will probably make you a more happy and content person. So let’s see what else Emi Gutgold has to say. 

If a guy is going to fit into our lives, he should get ready to be subjected to our impossibly high standards. We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. That applies to boyfriends too. We want a guy to match our already perfect life. If the idea of being pushed to do his best scares him, it’ll never work out. We won’t settle for anything less.

Two independent looking gals
Two independent looking gals

In addition, in an article on Thought Catalog, Jazmine Leath tells us what strong, independent women want from a man, an I quote:   

Freedom, consistency, respect, unconditional love, loving-kindness, drive, ongoing friendships and “someone to match our greatness.”

That’s a mouth full Jazmine. But Emi says:

Yes, we’re hard to love, but we’re also worth it.

Also, Emi concludes:

A guy will never find someone who will love him more passionately or make him become a better man than we will.

You mean, making him jump through hoops like a circus monkey?

Anyway, gentlemen, if you want to date a strong, independent woman, then you know what you are going to get from now on! Have you ever experiences dating such a woman yourself? Please let me know in the comment section!

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8 thoughts on “Are Strong, Independent Women Great girlfriends?”

  1. ‘Have you ever experiences dating such a woman yourself?’

    Well I’m not sure because they’ve never told me outright…but I have found when it came to dating some women I was never considered important to them. Hence it ended.

    Men were not created to be the helpmate to women…it was the other way around.

    1. Exactly. It just doesn’t feel right for both parties involved. My last girlfriend was such a woman and it was a terrible experience.

      1. Perhaps we should look at ‘strong & independent’ as code words.

        Code words for ‘I’m a terrible helpmate’

  2. I’ve heard from more experienced guys that women truly believe this conduct makes them attractive.

    “Yes, we’re hard to love, but we’re also worth it.”

    The Red Sonja school of mating. Or Black Widow. Same thing.

  3. You know girls, if you were truly amazing, you’d have to beat top notch guys away with a stick day-in and day-out. Maybe the FACT that you aren’t the attention you want from the right guys says something about your level of amazing-ness.

  4. Started reading because I’m an independent woman who fell for an even more independent bachelor man of 45, who decided relationships generally detract from his goals and so “aren’t worth it.” I thought maybe he wasn’t interested in me because I’m not quite as independent and goal-oriented as he is, so I wanted to find out if there was a profile of a woman whom he would love….So this was just interesting! Like your humor.

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