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5 Self-Development Books For The Lone Wolf

What are some good self-development books for the lone wolf?

A subscriber called – asked me to do a listicle about books for personal development and I thought that would be a great idea. So this week´s listicle will be a review video, in which I give you 5 books that I believe will benefit the lone wolf. 

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5 Benefits Of Religion

Religion equals an endless discussion. But if we leave out the ceaseless arguing about the existence of God or the validity of the Bible texts, can we find benefits in being religious? I think we can. Have you ever wondered where the word religion comes from? It is derived from the latin word religare, which means to connect. This means that we can see connection as the essence of religion. This could be the connection with yourself, with other people, with nature or with a higher power. Many psychological problems actually occur because of the lack of connection with results in social isolation. In this case, religion could offer benefits that help you to get connected again. While I am not a religious person myself: in this listicle I want to present you 5 benefits of religion.

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The Greatest Strength Of MGTOW

The beauty of MGTOW is its ugliness at the same time, which is that MGTOW can be anything. A MGTOW can be a lazy obese guy living in his mother’s basement playing video games. A MGTOW can be a disciplined Chad with a great physique running a successful business. A MGTOW can be a monk, spending his time in solitude, who has turned his back to the world. Also, A MGTOW can be a player or an easy going guy that just likes to be single and enjoys spending time in social circles.

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Is The MGTOW Label Dangerous?

I watched a video recently by a content creator called Nagol Bud (link below), not sure if I’m pronouncing that correctly, who has been around for a while when I look at his channel. The title of his video is “MGTOW is Eating ITSELF” in which he talks about the dangers of the MGTOW label and labeling in general. It’s clear that Nagol Bud opposes MGTOW, the label at least and also several big MGTOW content creators, but I think that he has some interesting things to say.

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Suicide Among Men – It’s time to wake up!

There is a lot to say about this subject. And I don’t really know where to start. But suicide among men is something that we have to talk about. However, I don’t see many men do this. That’s why I think it’s time to have a good conversation about this topic. I think it’s time that we start looking at ourselves and find out what’s causing this and what we can do about it. In this article I will shed some light on the facts, I will share my thoughts on male suicide in general and will make a humble attempt to put forward some possible solutions.

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