Hello lone wolves,

I’ve quit Patreon and Subscribestar. I don’t ask for donations anymore. Also, I will produce content at a slower pace.

The three to four times a week will probably go down to two times a week. And I’ll take some breaks when needed.

This also means that I stop doing hidden content. If you were my Patreon supporter and want the links of the hidden content, just send me an email with your Patreon name and I’ll send them to you.

I disabled my Patreon account just before the charge would have taken place to make sure that no one is charged.

Some of you guys I had a nice conversation with, like Brett, doTPurge and Sumandityo; feel free to drop me an email if you feel like it.

The reasons I have decided to produce at a slower pace:

  1. I have to mind my future. I’ve put a lot of time and energy in this channel and enjoyed doing so, but I need to pay the bills too. I’m creating some income streams and I’ve a second channel that might generate some side income in the future.
  2. My health hasn’t been too great lately and I started to get sick more frequently and having problems with sleeping. I’m a great advocate of balance and inner peace, and it seems like I’ve lost that last months. It’s time to set my priorities and get that back.
  3. Because of low energy and lack of time I started rushing. I don’t want to rush. I want to take the time to engage with my audience, think about what I present to you and respond to comments.

The reasons I have decided to stop asking for donations are:

  1. I can’t help feeling obligated by them, even if they’re just to say “thanks”.
  2. I don’t want to take a step back and still cash in every month through Patreon.
  3. It’s simply just too much of a hassle. I had these tiers and rewards and stuff. Also, asking for money at the end of each video made me feel like a beggar. I rather focus on creating good content and creating other income streams.

I have nothing against donations or the people who ask for them, but this is just how I work. Nonetheless, I’d like to thank everyone who donated in the past! I’m very, very, grateful for that!

I do have some affiliate links here and there and probably keep doing sponsored videos, and, of course, the Tao of MGTOW book will be released soon. This means that you can always support me a little bit through those routes if you want. You’ll get something nice in return and I think that’s a fear deal.

I still have a PayPal link, which is mainly for sponsors or if you’re really, really inclined to donate.

Thanks guys and keep it solitary,

Keep it solitary.

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