Customs charge

The Mansplainers are made in the USA. Depending where you are in the world the products may have an additional “customs charge” to the price when your product is delivered.

This sucks, I know. And if you do not pay the customs charge your deliverer may refuse to deliver the product to you and return them to the supplier. In this instance I won’t resend the package to you.

So please inform yourself about the policies of your country! Thanks again!


The printed letters on T-shirt are slightly ‘crispy’ when you look at them from a close distance. This is because the font is like that, thus, it’s as it’s supposed to be. The drawings I created myself.

The size of the T-shirts is larger than usual. If you’d normally have size S you may want to get an XS. You can find the measurements in the description.

Keep it solitary.

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