How To Be Creative – Tao of MGTOW series # 16

How can we become creative? Is there any way to force ourselves into that creative flow? What’s the key to creativity? Is this episode I’ll discuss this.

Chapter 16 of the Tao Te Ching tells us to empty ourselves of everything. I think the verses of this chapter are pointed to a very nasty human habit called overthinking.

Overthinking has many cons. It is the ego trying to survive and protect itself by repeating the same thoughts over and over again. Especially in times of adversity people are excessively playing and replaying different scenarios in their minds.

Oftentimes they try the control the future, which is impossible. In other instances they dwell on the past, which is called rumination.

There is nothing wrong with reflection on past experiences or planning for the future, but if done so in excess then it will be destructive.

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