“I’m a strong and independent woman, but I’m lonely.”

Strong and independent women gone wrong! That’s what you’d like to see, right? In this article I’m going to talk about that.

The first topic I want to talk about is something that happened last week and no, it’s not the Gillette commercial. But I must say that now Gillette is telling is all these toxic men of today – the savages they are – to behave like good, decent men, the UK leads by example to install another sexual assault law: the law against upskirting.

Upskirting officially prohibited

Upskirting is a horrible crime, in which someone secretly makes a photo from below a woman’s skirt. Millennial girl Gina Martin was a target of this practice on a London music festival and started a campaign to prohibit it. After nagging and nagging there is now a two year prison sentence for those who upskirt.

While upskirting is absolutely not my cup of tea – I think it’s perverse – isn’t a prison sentence of two years a little bit exaggerated? What do my subscribers say?

Dewpseyboy93 says:

I mean, its a pretty messed up thing to do. I dont know who would condone taking pictures of womens genitalia without consent.

2 years jail time is excessive beyond degree, but theyre right to make it illegal to a certain extent.

Motorised1 says:

2 years for up skirting makes 15ish for murder seem very light

Our sex obsessed society

The thing is: I think it is fine that upskirting is punished, especially when it happens with minors. But at the same time feminists are walking on the streets with bare breasts telling us ‘my body my choice’, not to talk about the exposing pictures on Tinder that make it almost look like you are browsing a porn website and what about all those bikini pictures on Instagram.

First Name Last Name says:

This is a great example of women’s idea of power through sexual manipulation. Women will intentionally wear tight blouse or hot pants or yoga pants or mini skirts in front of males; knowing this is a direct sexual temptation in the basic animalistic instincts of human males. But, the female agenda is to scope out which males are more attracted to her body from gaze and behaviour, so then she can use these males to get her way without even having to give them sexual gratification. Another example of damned toxic femininity.

Again, I think it’s good to make these practices illegal, like revenge porn for example, but does that solve the problems that come from an overall sex obsessed society? Men are constantly demonized as sex offenders, but today’s women look like sex objects and act like sex objects, all under the guise of sexual freedom, because they are ‘strong independent women”.

It’s always men that should adapt

It’s like surrounding a hungry dog with bones and punish it when it tries to eat them. It’s torture. If we want to desexualize our society and make it more civil again, I think both genders should be willing to adjust their ways. But in no way I see women giving up their short skirts, bikinis, and nude Instagram pictures: it’s always the men that have to adapt and act in ways that women think is appropriate. Except when your name is Chad, Tyrone or Christian Grey.

Why not prohibit the skirt like some western countries prohibit the Burka? A skirt can be a tool for crime. Last week a Taiwanese woman was arrested because she hid 24 gerbils under her skirt, that she wanted to sell in Taiwan. It is also possible to carry a weapon or even multiple weapons below a skirt. This means that the skirt can be used for great crimes.

Anyway, what can we do about it?

IM The Whole Man says:

Start wearing super tight spandex and when you catch them eyeing your meat stick charge them with harassment. Unfortunately, gay dudes will hit on you but power through, it will be worth the trouble.

Okay, enough skirts for the weekend! Let me know what you think about this topic and let’s discuss another…

Pizza order cancelled? Call the police!

In England, yes again in England, a woman called the alarm number because her pizza order at Domino’s Pizza was canceled. She ordered for 37 pounds worth of pizza, with only 44 pounds left in her bank account. No problem, right? Well, after she paid, the pizza would never be delivered. According to Domino’s, this happened because of a broken oven. She would get back her money the next day. Very unfortunate, but fair, right?

For the mother, I assume a strong, independent woman, this was not the end of story. She told news agency Metro UK that she and her family had to eat potato chips for dinner and went to bed hungry. Apparently buying something to eat at the supermarket with the remaining 7 euros was not an option, so she called the police. “They couldn’t do anything for me! I had to contact Domino’s!” she said.

So, there you have it folks. Another example of how a woman calls daddy government when she is in dire need, like not having a pizza delivered. Well, guys, that’s the way of a ‘strong independent woman’.

Lonely strong women

Now, we all know that many of today’s women can’t find a man. I’ve talked about this in the video ‘40 year old woman can’t find a man’. Most likely, these women end up alone or with 4 to 10 cats, that only like her because she gives them food. At least she learns how it feels to be a man, this way. But why are they so lonely? An article on the website relationship rules tells us why a strong woman is usually lonely. It says:

You always stay principled and uncompromising. You are the type of woman who is always so uncompromising with your principles. You always stand your ground. You are grounded with a strong set of principles that serve as the foundation of your life. And a lot of people can be turned off with how your steadfastness is just so strong. It often reminds insecure people of how weak they are.

Right. This reminds me of one of my favorite entitled, strong, independent women on the internet: Amy Horton.

She also has a lot of principles, for example, the list of criteria that a man should meet if he wants to date her. Here they come:

Show interest, talk to me, call me, ask me out, shut up about yourself, show me some respect, think of interesting dates, compliment me, treat me well, consider my feelings, understand that I´m worth it, show me care, try your best, challenge me, connect with me.

It turns out that Amy is lonely and desperately looks for a serious relationship. It looks like her strong set of principle has gotten her nowhere. Yeah, I’m sure these remind insecure people of how weak they are and that intimidates them. Isn’t that right, guys?

Another reason:

You have a very intimidating and intense personality

In other words: crazy.

You are such a strong person. However, you can be very intimidating to a lot of weak and insecure people. Your sheer intensity and passion for life can be very scary for a lot of people – most especially the ones who like to lead quiet and simple lives.

Exactly. Very true. In other words: people don’t like an arrogant, intimidating person. Deal with it. Other reasons the article gives:

You don’t believe in playing by the rules for the sake of it, you don’t really like to entertain fake and phony human beings, you are not fond of showing off your vulnerability to others, you don’t really crave for attention, you don’t always take the popular opinion.

Hmm. I think this list is incomplete. That’s why I have been thinking about my own list of 7 reasons why a ‘strong independent woman’ is usually lonely.

1. You are too arrogant

Look at this Reddit post titled “I’m a strong and independent woman, but I’m lonely.” She writes:

2. You only want a man with a master’s degree

I know a woman that is single for 5 years and only wants a man with at least a Master’s degree. It looks like her strategy is working very well!

3. You don’t need a man

Well, isn’t that the most famous feminist jingle that every millennial woman has grown up with?

If you don’t need a man, then don’t expect to get a man.

4. You think most men are not good enough

Like Jennifer Still from magazine Bolde says:

The real reason so many of us are still rolling solo is much simpler: most guys aren’t worth dating.

5. You have been riding the corporate cock carousel

I know you have. I just know it.

6. You are not feminine

Ironically enough, feminism is a celebration of masculinity in women. You think that a great career, making a lot of money and being assertive are attractive to men, simply because you think these traits in men are attractive to you. But that’s simply not true. It makes you masculine, and many men don’t like that.   

7. You are rude

Swearing, loud talking, acting like a savage when drunk; these could be ways to show off your strength and independence as a women and the “I do whatever I want” attitude but rudeness is an absolutely unattractive trait of a ‘strong independent woman’.

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2 thoughts on ““I’m a strong and independent woman, but I’m lonely.””

  1. In my experience, women over 35 go 1 of 2 ways. They either get realistic about their prospects and lower the expectations or rocket the other way into becoming a delusional Empress.

  2. ‘You are such a strong person. However, you can be very intimidating to a lot of weak and insecure people. Your sheer intensity and passion for life can be very scary for a lot of people – most especially the ones who like to lead quiet and simple lives.’

    What they call strong and intimidating…I call rude and arrogant…and any man worth his salt knows what happens when you get involved with delusional princess. You’ll either turn into her simp abuse victim or be thrown in jail on her whims.

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