Men Shamed For ‘Micro Penis’

The main topic of this edition of the Wolf´s Analysis is going to be a bit more serious than usual. Last week I read an article in Dutch magazine Esquire about a man who writes about his life with a micro penis and that it seems to be widely accepted that men with small penisses are ridiculed.

Just look at how people have reacted to that Donald Trump statue, that features a tiny penis as a way to make fun of him. It seems that society has no problem with body shaming men but when a woman´s body is shamed all hell breaks loose.

The man who wrote this story wants to stay anonymous. He writes that his penis is 2,5 centimeters when it is flaccid, which is about 1 inch, and almost 7 centimeters when it is erect, which is 2.75 inch. The average of erect penisses lies between 12 and 16 centimeters, which is 4.5 and 6.3 inches. And I dare to say that the average MGTOW man has at least 7 inches (I only have myself as proof, though).

On a serious note. I have translated parts of the article in English and will read them for you, so you know what this guy has gone through. The author says that he is deeply ashamed because of his penis size. He says:

Of course I can only speak for myself, but the number of times I have heard women ridicule men because of their penis size is mind blowing. I overheard a conversation once by three or four co-workers that agreed that ´men with small penisses should wear warning signs.´

End quote. Well, sounds like a great idea. A bit like the Jews during the second world war, right? They need warning signs because otherwise the poor women would not know about that fact that a man has a small wiener. In contrast to a 250 pound land whale which you can see coming from ten miles distances. According to the article many scientific studies show that a large number of women do not find small penisses attractive.

I am 35 years old and only had one sexual experience, that was very humiliating. It was more than twelve years ago with an attractive university student. When I undressed, she stared at my micro penis, giggled and put her hand over her mouth. Then she mumbled ´oke´ in a way that she was surprised.

They tried to have sex, but it did not went well because the condom did not stay on, and she kept asking if it was inside yet. The woman was not pleased with the situation and was not satisfied by him doing some oral action. Then he writes and I quote:

I can just imagine how disappointed and frustrated she must have felt. It must have been a terrible experience for her.

Man, are you serious? She is an attractive university student. Believe me, attractive university students have enough options. Like she hasn’t been riding the cock carousel and probably ended in Chad´s dorm room in the same week for some compensation. Don’t feel sorry for her. Especially because she was so disrespectful to giggle at your manhood. It sounds like it has been a terrible experience for you, and not so much for her. But it gets even worse:

After a few days I decided to do something I now regret. I walked more than three kilometers to her apartment to give her a box After Eight (which is chocolate). I bought this to show my appreciation for the intimacy and as an apology. What loser does such a thing? What was I thinking? That she had sex with a pathetic specimen of a man, but that it would be worth it if she gets chocolate with it? I felt she deserved better.

Oh man. I don’t know what to say. She treated you like crap and you reward her for that? It is very clear that your situation causes you to have very low self-esteem. You call yourself a pathetic specimen of a man. Come on, you know there is more to life than penis size.

But I do understand why he feels this way and he explains it in the article. He writes about an English show called Naked Attraction in which a woman shamed a guy she dated who had a small willy.

As a man with a micro penis, watching this was like a slap in the face. I felt useless and could just imagine how that man who she was talking about must have felt. She was honest, but the message was clear: we are not good enough for you.

A woman who is honest about that she does not want a man because of his penis size and even shames a guy she dated on television seems perfectly fine.

His penis is too small
He is too bald
He is too short
He is too hairy
He is too thin

Women can just blurt it out without any consequences, without any repercussions. Moreover, she is applauded for because of her honesty and being such a brave girl for speaking her mind about what she dislikes about a man’s body. I call that ethical rudeness. It´s being a rude, nasty assholette who uses the virtue of honesty to legitimize it.

I will read some more from the article:

The way media handle body shaming of men is very different compared to body shaming of women. When Donald Trump made shady remarks about the way women look it rightfully was a disgrace. Lists and videos about his sexist remarks went viral. But when a naked model of him with a micro penis appeared in New York City there was not many objection. It was seen as a joke and not as an attack. Some publications even called it a fantastic piece of art. Hundreds of Americans have smiling selfies with Trump and his micro penis. Who will defend the small penis?

There you have it folks. Complete and insane hypocrisy. When men are body shamed there are no social justice warriors standing up for them. We just have to take it. But if you dare to criticize a woman’s weight… you will be turned into a demon. Why is that? I thought women are strong and independent, but they can’t take it when someone ridicules them and want these people to be silenced?

I feel offended by what he said. Silence him!

…she screams at the white knight thought police a.k.a. the government, with crocodile tears in her eyes.

But when a man stands up for himself the only thing he can expect is even more ridicule. Why do you think the author of this article wants to stay anonymous? Why do you think so many MGTOW content creators stay anonymous? Because criticizing women is becoming as dangerous as criticizing the Soviet Regime during the Stalin Era, while making fun of men’s bodies is perfectly fine. Society behaves like a narcissistic parent, who has chosen his daughter as the golden child and his son as the scapegoat.

I will give you one last quote from this man:

What I will do with my love life? Nothing, I try to focus on writing and other subjects that interest me. If I would start looking for love, I would only feel worse. I´m already silently struggling with depression and anxiety, and I do not want the humiliation and pain from looking for love to accompany that. Of course, everyone gets rejected sometimes, but mostly because of reasons that are less painful.

Mr. anonymous, if you happen to listen to this, and I know the chances are small (no pun intended, seriously): I hope you will find some acceptance in your situation. It is what it is man. Don’t feel so low about yourself. You can always go MGTOW! In a way, you already have. You have given up on love, because you don’t want to be hurt anymore. I will not explicitly advice you stay away from women: that is entirely up to you. But I do want to say this: ´go where you are celebrated, not tolerated´. A man does not need a woman to create a life worth living.

When when society does not give a shit about men being body shamed, well, I´m going my own way again. What can we do? In the end, we cannot force attraction. It is there, or it is not. So we could start with not giving a shit about what people think, just focus on ourselves and make the best of our lives!

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  1. ” It seems that society has no problem with body shaming men but when a woman´s body is shamed all hell breaks loose.” This right here is all you need to know. God help you if you criticize ANY part of a women, no matter how grotesque and unhealthy, by their own making in many cases. Morbidly obese women are now gracing the covers of magazines and we’re supposed to cheer. They did this to themselves on top of it. A man born with a small dick can’t control that no more than a women born with small boobs.

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