MGTOW Analysis: Male Feminists Are On The Rise

Did you know that the male feminists are back? Yes, they are! And they tell us men how to behave nicely and politely towards women.

In this MGTOW Analysis I want to talk about the rise of male feminists. But for starters, I want to do a short talk about what is going on across the Atlantic; the Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual misconduct.


Brett Kavanaugh
Brett Kavanaugh

Two women called Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez accuse Kavanaugh of something that would have happened 35 years ago. Of course I disapprove of sexual harassment, let that be clear, but we are dealing with the worst of feminism here, that simply wants a man destroyed. 

The party boy

At the time these events would have taken place, Kavanaugh was a 17 years old party boy, probably seeking to get laid like many the boys that age do. As do many girls. But who do you think created these opportunities in the first place? Right! Feminism. Wasn’t it feminism that wanted …

  • get rid of the evil patriarchy that favors men to be gentlemen and women to be modest and prude?
  • empower women sexually and promote premarital sex? 
  • ..less emphasis on monogamy?

Well, you did it. And this young, irresponsible Brett simply wanted to have a piece of these sexually liberated females. The thing is: sexually liberated women have a secret switch. And by using this magical switch, they change from floozy to victim in an instant.

Feminist dictatorship

So while women are getting more and more sexually liberated and more promiscuous and increasingly scantily dressed, #METOO wants to criminalize men who pat a woman on the ass in a drunken stupor. It’s like surrounding a starving dog with his favorite briskets, and giving him electric shocks if he even dares to sniff them.

This what a feminist dictatorship looks like: turning the world into one big wet vagina, while punishing men for being unable to control his urges. It’s a shit test. And the our best negotiating position is to walk away and mean it.

So, let’s go to the main subject.

The Belgians have gone nuts (and the Dutch too)

It looks like the Belgians have gone nuts. Minister Alexander De Croo has anounced that he is a feminist.

Minister De Croo
Minister De Croo

But in the Netherlands, shit is hitting the fan as well. The Olga Vocal Ensemble, basically a group of five feminist manginas, is touring around the country, playing their latest project: It’s a Woman’s World.

I took like 10 seconds before I clicked that clip away. I rather listen to cats fighting. Also, two guys called Hendrik Marstal and Robert Franken have established a platform called Male Feminists Europe, describing themselves as European male feminists united for gender equality:

All men should support feminism. We show how.

So there you have it, folks. The rise of male feminists who think that equal rights aren’t enough, and want to create more privileges for women because, well, they are women.

Women in management positions

Let’s see what Belgian minister Alexander De Croo has to say:

How difficult can it be? […] We need more daycare for children, a culture of caring fathers like in the Scandinavian countries, less women working part time, and the awareness that an organisation performs better when women AND men are in charge.  

Well, fair enough. Numbers don’t lie: companies with a mixture of male and female leadership are more successful when it comes to sales and returns on invested capital. Well of course: the reason for this you will find right below in the graph below (source is Forbes): women make up over 85% of all purchasing decisions.

Graph from Forbes
Graph from Forbes

You see, women know best what women want when it comes to buying all kinds of garbage that they don’t really need. And that’s what companies are after, in other words, companies are highly directed to women. They are experts on consumerism.

Also, women have the vajayjay. That’s why group of blue pill Beta Providers as board members will work a bit harder when there’s a female around the corner, increasing their plantation performance like Alex Jones on Anthro-Plex. That the family unit pays the price is celebrated by De Croo. And if he knew just a little bit about female nature, he would know that stay-at-home dads are absolutely not sexy.

Stay-at-home dads are not sexy

A sexy stay-at-home dad
A sexy stay-at-home dad

Women are attracted to masculine men that are out there slaying dragons. They do no like a complacent simp who is at home all day dusting out some Tupperware containers wearing a kitchen apron. This article backs that claim up. The probable consequence is that she will lean towards that powerful boardroom dominating executive to make up for her man’s wimpiness. So, I invite you to be a stay-at-home dad yourself mr. Croo, and you will see yourself change from man of power to cuck overlord.

Well, I must admit that there are probably some situations in which the stay-at-home dad would work.

  • The first one is when the dad runs a successful online business or other venture that I doesn’t have to leave the house for and earns at least as much as her. This guy is still the breadwinner.
  • The second scenario is that the man is a bad boy drug dealer, taking in some good cash like this guy’s reefa man. He’s also the guy that cheats on her when she is at work, and punches her in the face when she opens her mouth about it. Ahh… women just love bad boys.
  • The third scenario is the overly attached codependent woman that is perfectly happy with her “man pet” that sits at home all day playing video games. Although, he probably has a fulltime job picking up the phone for every damn trifle she call him for. She probably has 4 to 5 surveillance cameras installed which, together with his GPS ankle bracelet, prevents him from taking another woman for a ride.

Women have no freedom of choice?

Women sitting behind a computer screen
Women sitting behind a computer screen

So let’s look at another quote by minister De Croo:

“We can’t longer afford the waste of talent and wealth any longer. Women do not have real freedom of choice. At least: not enough.”

Are you serious? Women can do anything they want; they have the same rights as men. Women can choose an education in whatever they want: from quantum physics to psychology. Women have the vote, they have the right for abortion and they enjoy protection by the government.

They can choose to be full time mothers, part-time workers, full-time career women. They can also choose to travel or to become entrepreneurs. No one, and I mean, NO ONE, is stopping them, but themselves. But if the women are the victims in the case, who are to blame? Of course: men.

Men and women represented equally

But I must say that I respect the idealist in De Croo:

“My reasoning is: if we organise things in a more balanced way, if as much men as women work part time, of men and women are represented equally in different areas, if leadership of an organisation is divided equally between men and women, we will probably have a lot less of the rat race that we have today.”

I wish this would be true, but it seems to me that you still have a lot to learn about the way female nature manifests in general. Men who work part time or stay-at-home dads are not perceived as good providers, and are less attractive than men that make powermoves in whatever field they are in.

A cute little rat
A cute little rat

Women actually love the rat race, because the rat race exposes that strongest and fittest males, in other words, the men who are most capable of protecting the family. I work part time myself in a deadend day job at a bank, and as far as I have noticed that fact doesn’t really makes the poonani wet.

But when I tell women that I put almost all my freetime into writing and creating stuff like this YouTube channel, I catch their attention. Like I said: women like men who slay dragons.

Balancing out men and women or promoting stay-at-home dads will probably just gravitate women towards the small percentages of men who DO aim for the star in the sky and who have their shit together to provide for their family. So someone please send this guy a quadruple dose of Red Suppositories.

Red suppositories to red pill your anus
Red suppositories to red pill your anus

The return of male feminists

So let’s move on with the article I found about the return of male feminists. In this article (Dutch) called “The Return of Male feminism,” German founder Robert Franken of Male Feminists Europe talks about his platform:

“Many men still don’t know what feminism can be mean for them or are afraid to do something wrong. With the platform we want to change that, by spreading as much information as possible for men that are interested in feminism. We need more men to research their own masculinity and look at their role in society in a critical way.”

What feminism can mean for men? LOL!

What can feminism mean for men besides a fairytale about gender equality that completely disregards male and female nature? Why should we engage any longer in a social construct that…

  • led to the destruction of the family unit?
  • led to enormous promiscuity?
  • will create an army of unhappy cat ladies in the future?

Feminism is not an attractive message for men. Not at all. Men are done with the finger pointing, the shaming, the demonising. We have been criticized enough, don’t you think? I think it’s time that women research their own femininity and look at their role in society in a critical way. Feminism is a shit test, and we are failing miserably.

Pressure on men

The second part of the article is about a Dutch organisation called Emancipator that basically wants to revise masculinity. Jens van Tricht is the director of Emancipator and here is what he has to say:

“In our culture men learn that everything that they associate with femininity should be ignored and suppressed if they want to be a real man. Men are constantly under pressure to prove that they are the most successful, the strongest and the funniest. This can go on to such an extent that it leads to troublesome or even violent behavior.”

Successful but tired
Successful but tired

Well, I agree. This guy is on to something. But the pressure he talks about is coming from women. It is because if you want to be successful on the dating market (based on your sexual market value), you have to stand out. Men are under pressure because they want a mate and women like the most successful, strongest and funniest man.

Telling men to behave otherwise is telling them to lower their sexual market value. In my opinion, this is the problem with all forms of social engineering. You can change the norm but you cannot change nature. You can’t force women to love simps, and you can’t force men to remove his desire for a mate.

Wrap up

So, like always, I’d like to ask the question: what do these male feminists mean for the individual man? Well, I think they deserve nothing less than our compassion. These men are clearly in the dark when it comes to female nature, and are way to entangled with their social ideals, which blinds them from the harsh reality.

Going your own way

Life is too short to argue with people who have their heads up their asses. I guess, sooner or later they will find out themselves. There is nothing more we can do, than going our own way, learning from our own experiences and the experiences of others, but, at the same time, keep our hearts open and be receptive for change of any kind. Nothing erodes the soul more than grasping a past that is long gone. Enjoy life, gentlemen.

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2 thoughts on “MGTOW Analysis: Male Feminists Are On The Rise”

  1. It’s my belief that most male feminists have the same motivations sexually as female feminists…and also want to be absolved of responsibility of it like women. However men don’t get off that easily in that regard.

  2. I’ve pointed out before the many reasons I reject feminism. It goes against how God made us and our roles. It promotes death and hatred of neighbor…through sin, abortion, divorce, and effemination of men…and explotation of women and their dignity. It’s rebellion against God appointed authority especially fathers and husbands. It’s unjust as any man who has gone through affirmative action or the family courts can attest. It turns good and evil from obdience and disobedence of God’s commands into which gender you are or what emotion you feel.

    In short…rejection of feminism comes from an extension of what I try to do daily through God’s grace…follow His commands.

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