Women Attack MGTOW

Did you know there are women who attack MGTOW? Based on a few articles and personal experience I want to show you what’s going on.

Let’s start with the first one. A few days ago, a woman called Brianna Anderson posted a video  in which she gives her opinion about MGTOW, based on the subreddit of the same name. She says:

“By the sounds of it, it’s a subreddit about men who don’t conform to societal rules. About masculinity maybe? What a man should be? Which is great! Wrong! Because that’s not what it is: it’s a terrible cesspool of people that terrify me.”

Playing victim already? Because you feel terrified by something that you don’t even understand, and I’m about to explain why, it’s wrong.

MGTOW.com trash talk

Brianna continues trash talking MGTOW and assumes that all men on the MGTOW.com forums are whining bitches that are hurt in their relationships and tells them to “get over it”. Well the fact that a bad relationship or marriage may be the trigger for many men to go MGTOW, it seems like she cannot comprehend that for many men going MGTOW is a very rational decision. It’s a cost-benefit analysis. And no, that doesn’t sound romantic and no that doesn’t have to do anything with emotions. So instead of your shaming and judging, I would advise you to do your research first. Also, Brianna makes the following claim:

“Some of these men, openly, they openly idolize men who beat and have even murdered women.”

With the hundreds, maybe thousands of MGTOW videos I have seen, I have never seen or heard anyone idolizing men who beat and even have murdered women. Where did you get that information in the first place? Perhaps there are a few rotten apples, but rotten apple are everywhere. Let me ask you Brianna, how does you vague claim without any evidence compare to the TRUE FACT that in the talk show The Talk, a full studio of women were laughing because a man’s penis was cut off after he filed for divorce.

Pink haired feminist
Pink haired feminist

And what about this pink haired feminist that calls for killing Brett Kavanaugh? No, Brianna, MGTOW does not idolize murder in contrast to those women. What we do, is grieving as brothers when a young hangs himself because of false rape allegations and his mother hangs herself afterwards. Sounds like those women at the The Talk have something to laugh about again. By the way, this is what false accusations can do. And what you are doing is exactly that: falsely accusing men of something they didn’t do.

More shaming on MGTOW.com

Then she says mockingly about the website MGTOW.com:

“So now I’m gonna look at the forums. And the first thing it says is: forums. For men only.”

Yeah? I’m mean there are tons of women only spaces in the world. Australia has these women only places in their cities. Also, you have women only gyms, women only areas in trains and subways. So can’t men have men only spaces?

The rest of the video is her talking about a post called “25 lies women tell men,” which is actually from an article written by David A. Bates in 1998. So it’s not even MGTOW made. Nonetheless, she deceptively grabs bits of that article, interpreting them her own way, and continues trash talking. For example:

One of them says I have to work late. Translation: I’m having an affair with my boss. And the other one is I have to go out of town for business. Translation: I’m having an affair. Damn, a bitch can’t go out of town or nothing with you guys. Honestly, these men sound that they need to be babysat…   

…bla bla bla. Well, yes, the way you say it, these claims sound ridiculous. But this is what the article really says:

I have to work late: [TRANSLATION – I’m having an affair with my boss.] If you start hearing this one a few months, or even a few weeks, after you begin the relationship, better pack your shorts and make tracks.

I have to go out of town on business: [TRANSLATION – I’m having an affair with someone from out of town, OR, I’m going on a trip with my boss, with whom I’m having an affair.] The same advice as above. The best way to gauge how much time you have before she gives you the heave-ho is to keep close tabs on how often these little trips take place. When they get to be a weekly event, it’s time to boogie.

These are common lies that women tell to men. It consists of A – The Lie, B – What is stands for and C – how to handle it. They do not restrict you in any way, but simply make men aware that these lies are common. It’s quite astonishing how much things can change if you add context don’t you think?

So there you have it, folks. A woman that clearly refuses to do a little bit of research and just starts attacking MGTOW based on false claims. So bye bye, Brianna and let’s take a look at another one.

Spamming psychos

Besides trash talking videos on YouTube, we also have the angry spammer. Here are some gems from such a spammer – I suppose a woman, who tried to spam on my channel:

Crazy spammer
Crazy spammer


Or this one:

Crazy spammer strikes again
Crazy spammer strikes again

Why does the host sound like a dying retarded cat?

Umm.. do I guys? Please be honest. Do I sound like a dying retarded cat? If I do, please say so. You are making me insecure! These comments were automatically placed in the spam folder. Thank you, YouTube!

Article comments

I have got another one for you. In an article in the beautiful magazine The Sun, journalist George Harrison talks about MGTOW, saying: These men hate women so much they’ve sworn off sex and refuse to speak to them: Meet the ‘Men Going Their Own Way’. Excellent journalism. Anyways, quite a few of you may have already read the article. If not, I have have put a link in the description. Instead of analysing the article itself, let’s take a look at the comments. Someone called Bena Sanchez says this:

I’m glad their are men who still do love women despite what’s being said out there. They are strong enough and secure enough with themselves to be with a women who is just the same. These men need to grow up and quit feeling sorry for themselves.  

No comment. But she is corrected by a guy named Ian Crichton, saying this: 

You have no counter argument, such as what women can offer men. It is only ever what men can do for women. Shaming language and disparaging men is not an argument.

And another one, called Penelope, says:

What an absolute bunch of weirdos.

And our hero Ian strikes again:

Trying to disparage and shame men is not an argument. If women offer men nothing but trouble, there is good reason to avoid women as bes twe can, despite a female-centred government stealing wealth from mens’ pockets and giving it to females.

Another one, by someone called Stoney:

I can sort of understand shunning marriage and traditional relationships but I don’t understand hating women.

And a guy named Scott Martin says it all:

They don’t hate women. That’s just what the author calls refusing to worship the ground women walk on.

To wrap it up, I’ll share on comment by a guy named Sean Dean. About MGTOW he says the following:

They’re entitled to live their lives however they want, it’s their lifestyle choice and at least they seem mostly to keep themselves to themselves. Rather that than the feminist brigade shouting and forcing their agenda on anyone within ear shot.

Exactly! From what I have seen, women attacking MGTOW do this with either no arguments or invalid arguments. On the other hand, women that are sympathetic towards MGTOW like Karen Straughan and Lauren Southern, are often well educated what MGTOW stands for. 

Final thought

I have some final thoughts about these few women attacking MGTOW. At the end of the day, I think that the majority of women just don´t care. And why should they? Going your own way is for yourself, gentlemen. I know that some guys love to think that women truly get affected by a bunch of guys uploading MGTOW videos, but I think they aren’t.

What I want to say is: this is not about revenge. This is not about evoke a certain reaction in women. This is about us. We are not feminists fighting for equal rights i.e. privileges, nor are we Men´s Rights Activists. We focus on ourselves, and so it doesn’t matter what women think about us. Feminism will take care of itself. You reap what you sow. That’s a universal rule that applies to everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Women Attack MGTOW”

  1. Rather that than the feminist brigade shouting and forcing their agenda on anyone within ear shot.>/i>

    The first rule of feminist fight club is you never shut up about feminist fight club.

    All women (99.99%) basically fit somewhere on the spectrum between

    mostly-not-extremely-crazy extremely-mega-supreme-crazy

    Acting like they can be rational participants in any remotely serious discussion just shows a lack of knowledge of their observable nature.

    Ask yourself what any women’s response would be to being told to “just get over it.”

    It’s basically illegal to say that to them in many jurisdictions in the West.

  2. Yes the common theme is women want to be victims thanks to feminism making them think being a victim is a place of great esteem.

    Men want to be patriarchs = misyognistic oppression of women
    Men want to be rapey tyrants = misyognistic oppression of women
    Men want to do their own thing = misyognistic oppression of women
    Men die in wars to defend their country = misyoginistic oppression of women who are the biggest victims of war

    It’s really not about men…it’s about women seeing themselves as the victim no matter what men do.

    1. Very well put, Earl. No matter what men do, the woman is always the victim. Even if a wife cheats, she will just turn the whole situation around pointing to the fact that her husband was not giving her enough attention, was always at work, was too tired for sex, et cetera.

      And before you know it she has built up enough consensus in their social circle about that it was all the husband’s fault that she cheated.

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