MGTOW obsessed by sex

It strikes me how many MGTOW are hung up on sex. Some just cannot shut up about porn, hookers, sex dolls and pumping and dumping. There is nothing inherently wrong with sex – make no mistake – but should it be the focus of a man who is going his own way?

As MGTOW, aren’t we better off shackling our sexual desires, instead of indulging in them through all kinds of unnatural alternative methods? Can a MGTOW who jacks himself off to Pornhub three times a day even call himself a “monk?”


Today’s society his overly sexualized. Sexual stimuli are everywhere. Television, music videos, billboards. It’s only sex, sex, sex. It is the collective sexual pre-occupation that is the problem. It is lending yourself to the control by other people and it wastes energy. I will give you some reason why sexual preoccupation can be destructive.

NOTE: I am not religious, so nothing that I write is coming from some religious doctrine. It is all based on common sense.

Control by the vagina

Sex controls men in several ways. Men that are addicted to vajayjay are the greatest invitors for female manipulation. If you stay out of marriage and relationships with women, you are still very susceptible to control through sex. And this time it is not only the women that are preying on you; it is the men as well.

Sexy woman
Sexy woman

We all know that women use the power of pussy to get what they want. But there are men that use that same power for their own gain as well. Those are what I call the pimps of society. These can be the typical pimps that rule over the hookers that you are so willing to screw. But those guys that run the porn industry are very much pimps as well.

Pimps use the appeal of sex to fill their pockets with your money. Either you pay a hooker and a part of that payment goes to the pimp, or you generate money for them through advertising on porn sites and buying clips, pictures and webcam time.

So you may have freed yourself from the control of a nagging wife; now you have handed that control over to hookers and porn. Is that what your MGTOW journey is truly about?


Above all prostitution is a business and it’s men that are making profits because of your thirst. Some of the women involved are independent, but that’s a minority. When I was in Bali (Indonesia) for the first time, it struck me how this island is sold to tourists as a paradise on earth. It did not take long however before I found out what kind of crime infested place it really is.

Enter a peep show
Enter a peep show

Below the surface there is a huge network of organized crime, tainted by violence, abuse and greed. It’s not a paradise at all. For a great part, the whole tourist branch is just a facade.  The huge “love industry” is feeding off of lust seeking thirsty men that will travel many miles with the sole intention of fucking. Think about it.

Why are you spending so much of your money, time and energy on the act of orgasming in a woman? I do not intend to shame or to judge, but I just want you to think about this.

Why is your thirst for vagina so high that you are willing to pay for it with your hard earned money? And are you aware of the violent and abusive world that the woman you just orgasmed in is part of? If you truly do not care, that is fine. I am not trying to teach you morals or anything like some priest; I just want to give you some food for thought.

The sick world of porn

The porn industry is sickening. To get an idea what porn does to people I’d recommend you to watch this YouTube clip:

It’s a nasty abusive, STD-ridden, drug drenched world. And aside from the fact that the porn industry is very damaging to the people involved – men and women – it is damaging to its users as well. Although porn actors and actresses have chosen their own path and are responsible for their own life choices, the same applies to you. Porn messes up your dopamine receptors, it rewires your brain, it can even make you impotent. In short: porn fucks you up.

Moreover, porn is highly addictive. I mean, you always come back for more, right? If that is true, then, yes, you might be addicted. No? Try if you can do without it for a few months. If you cannot do that, well, you know enough.

Erectile dysfunction

Addiction to porn and even erectile dysfunction are problems that not only older males experience, but by boys in their puberty as well. This is because a real woman cannot compete with the online streaming porn of today, the endless novelty and variation anymore. It is simply impossible; the stuff has become too strong.

Watching porn
Watching porn

After a while your brain adapts to porn, thinking that looking at people having sex on a screen IS the actual act of procreation. The consequence of this is that your penis will get hard when you see the Pornhub logo, but stays limb when you want to have sex with your girlfriend for the first time.

A bottomless pit

Like all other addictions, the necessity of stimuli from porn will increase to get that same high you got the first time you used it. Just like heroin. Porn addiction may start with a single picture of a woman in a bikini, but before you know it you are busting a nut watching Brazillian scat porn. It’s a bottomless pit.

Tibetan monk
Tibetan monk

Going your own way may result in a (temporary) state of involuntary celibacy. If you are not married or in a relationship and you are not dating either, your sex life may be completely non-existent. So it will not harm you no wank from time to time, but if it becomes compulsive then it is time to take a good look in the mirror.

If you think that you suffer from porn addiction I strongly suggest to visit the website Your Brain On Porn.

Pumping & dumping

I have heard this one a lot within the MGTOW sphere:

Do not engage in relationships! Just pump and dump!

This might sound appealing to many men that have sworn off relationships, but there are some things to take in consideration. If you do not belong to the top 10% of men, it means that you have to put in some work to get laid. Either, it is a lot of swiping and chatting on Tinder or you have to go out regularly to meet women in bar or clubs. Also, it depends on your age what kind of approach works best. If you are above 30, please read my article about dating.

Your pump and dump for tonight?
Your pump and dump for tonight?

This said, pumping and dumping comes with many risks. Sexual transmitted diseases for example. Who wants genital herpes? Not me. Other risks are: unwanted pregnancy, crazy BPD women that ruin your life and false rape accusations. If you decide to go on that pump and dump streak, you might take the neccesary measures to protect yourself.

That said, I think it completely depends on your own conscience if pumping and dumping is a bad thing or not. It is not my thing, simply because it takes too much energy and work to live the pump and dump lifestyle (if we can call it a lifestyle). I’d prefer a long term “casual” relationship over pumping and dumping. Risks aside, I think it is healthier than jacking off to porn because you engage in the real act of sex – how it is supposed to be – instead of losing your semen to some pixels on a screen.

Ejaculating wastes energy

Have you ever tried NoFap? I have. The longest streak I had was three months without porn and masturbation. It was tough, but I felt greater than ever. The Taoists knew thousands of years ago that semen contains life energy. You will see what they meant if you quit ejaculating for a while; the energy boost you experience is beyond banging.

A very well know MGTOW content creator Miggy a.k.a. MGTOW101 a.k.a. MEN101 has embarked the NoFap journey as well. This is one of his videos that addresses this subject:

On the NoFap forums on Reddit men of all ages encourage each other to stay away from porn, Moreover, they talk about so-called superpowers, basically pointing to the benefits that you experience when you quit porn and masturbation alltogether. It’s well worth a visit!

Yin Yang
Yin Yang

By preserving your semen you can harvest this energy and use it for other things, like your creative pursuits. The art of semen retention is described extensively in a book by Mantak Chia called Taoist Secrets Of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy. I have read the whole book and found it to be very enlightening.

It’s not a surprise that porn addicts that spend hours a day wanking and ejaculating look sickly pale, weak and miserable. The drain all their energy. And In my opinion, MGTOW is all about creating your individual path and directing your life energy towards your goals. Therefore, a MGTOW might consider preserving his energy whenever he can.

Final thought

Is there anything wrong with sex and masturbation? Absolutely not. But I have my doubts when it comes to prositution, porn and pumping and dumping.

Prostitution and porn are backed by a sick and violent world, which might be a moral reason to ditch those practices. Another reason is your health: sex and porn addiction are easy to slide into, and their is clear evidence that excess orgasming equals wasting precious life energy.

Also, being able to resist your sexual urges as a man is a sign of great strength. It is a sign of determination, discipline and self-control. And resisting these urges will be rewarding in the long run.

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9 thoughts on “MGTOW obsessed by sex”

  1. I’ll come from the Catholic perspective since I’ve known many a men who retort that since ‘masturbation isn’t stated as a sin in the Bible I can do it all I please’. This is as much a spiritual battle as a flesh one. Certainly giving up these practices you get a sense of increased sense of energy but there’s also the spiritual component.

    The church is wise enough to point out all the offenses against chastity.

    Things like lust, porn, rape, masturbation, fornication, prostitution, etc.

    It points out that you aren’t giving up something when you give up things like porn, jerking off…you are trying to strive with the help of God’s grace…the virtue of chastity. Since you just can’t tell a man to give up something without incentive why.

    ‘Chastity means the successful integration of sexuality within the person and thus the inner unity of man in his bodily and spiritual being. Sexuality, in which man’s belonging to the bodily and biological world is expressed, becomes personal and truly human when it is integrated into the relationship of one person to another, in the complete and lifelong mutual gift of a man and a woman.

    The virtue of chastity therefore involves the integrity of the person and the integrality of the gift. ‘

    I think most of our sexual dysfunctions and gender wars of this age are due to this lack of chastity.

    1. I love that perspective. Thank you for you reply, Earl. What I think is interesting is “Chastity means the successful integration of sexuality within the person and thus the inner unity of man in his bodily and spiritual being.” Has this something to do with retaining sexual energy?

      “I think most of our sexual dysfunctions and gender wars of this age are due to this lack of chastity.”

      If we look at the guys at NoFap, we can see that quitting porn and maturbations heals their sexual dysfunctions. When it comes to gender wars, I don’t know. Lack of chastity surely goes hand in hand with promiscuity – easy and free sex – that has destroyed the whole idea of marriage.

      1. ‘Has this something to do with retaining sexual energy?’

        It could. I think it makes a person more aware of the truth about what their sexuality is all about. That being a man becomes more masculine and a woman becomes more feminine.

        When we screw this up we see all sorts of confusion…masculinized females and effeminate men. Throw sodomy into it and you are throwing gas on the sexual dysfunction fire.

  2. “There is nothing inherently wrong with sex – make no mistake – but should it be the focus of a man who is going his own way?”

    It’s not a choice a MGTOW can make. It’s hardwired instincts supported by our endocrine system. Overcoming biology is the hardest part of shunning women. No surprise that few achieve it entirely; even the celibate monks had to, in many cases literally, wall themselves off from the world.

  3. Great article Wolf! You nailed it on this one. It would be cool to do a collab video or live stream on this issue. I think it can’t be spoken about enough – especially the dangers of porn.

    Also its my first time here and want to say you have a great blog!

    Keep up the good work Bro!

  4. I like your content but in this case I think I have a complete different point of view.
    I once had a acquaintance who admitted that he was visiting a brothel on a regular basis. When he saw the other punters he quickly had the insight that the prostitutes were doing a crucial job to society. Why? Because otherwise the attempted rape / rape numbers would be much much higher. I was as shocked on his claim as I was blue pilled by that time.

    Now as I am red pilled and I know that the male libido is 300% as strong as that of a female, I think he was right. Sex is a strong force within human history, maybe the strongest.

    Suppress male sex, and you have a recipe for desaster.

    Think about the 2 million “refugees” (75% male) that came to Germany since 2015. Illiterate, complete different culture and nothing to offer for a western woman. Stabbing and group rape become more and more common here. Freiburg, anyone?

    Russian soldiers after the end of WW2. After months on the battlefield, they took what they “deserved”.

    Oh, refugees & Russian Soldiers were dump people and you can’t generalize?

    Child asylums, run by catholic unions, had a crude awakening here. Yes, we are talking about child abuse, done by well educated, celibate clericals.

    Once again, suppress (male) sex, and you inevitably get violence on a large scale. Prostitution is the oldest profession on the planet, they say. It calms down men’s libido.

    I claim that the power of pussy can be kept under control by making prostitution legal. As it is in germany. 400.000 hookers is a statement, isn’t it?

    Masturbation & porn are highly addictive? Yes, so what? Same goes for ordinary sex, eating, drinking, shelter. I highly respect Miggy a.k.a. MEN101, but when I watched his video, I was laughing my head of. You gain superpowers by NoFap & you are losing power by jerking off? This sounds pretty much esoteric to me.

    The MGTOW blogs I follow advise having a good toss every morning before driving to work. Why? Pussy power shrinks close to nil for this day, you can concetrate on your work instead of women.

    What do the PUA sites recommend? Avoid wanking, porn & hookers. Why? Its like hitting the grocery store as a hungry wolf who had nothing in his belly since weeks. Yes, you start flirting, doing your “game”, and try to get laid desperately.

    I’d call this pussy power in action. This is exactly what I want to avoid as a MGTOW. Since I have no partner, I have to get rid of my “sexual drive”, a force that I hate.

    Ejaculation wastes energy? Are you serious? Can I lose weight by jerking off?

    1. It kills your drive and energy BUT it also destroys your libido.

      If you have an easy/confortable job fapping is a must.
      If you have a very active/hard job I’d suggest not fapping to have enough energy although this will make you want to fuck every women on sight.

  5. Porn IS harmful, since it rewires your brain (especially if you started young). NoFap is equally harmful, since it makes you chase women, hardwired by biology (depending on your testosterone, among other hormones, which varies with age). I suspect my libido is rather high, since doing NoFap for only 7 days made me get a date with a woman I would otherwise never call.

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