Non-Westernized Women | What I’ve learned

There are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to go for the non-westernized women, as far as I have observed and experienced myself.

Generally, countries like Indonesia and Thailand are not as contaminated by feminism as the Western countries. I have been in Indonesia several times. The women over there are very feminine, but they come in many different forms.

An old Indonesian man once told me that if you seek to marry a woman in Indonesia that the best idea is to go for a woman from the rural areas. Many women in the large cities are pretty much the same as the women here, when it comes to attitude and promiscuity.

Especially when you are from the West and you look average to good, many of these women want nothing more than having sex with you. And they do not necessarily want something in return; they just like the thrill of it like Western girls like to ride the cock carousel.

During the winter of 2016 I travelled to Indonesia for research and writing a few articles about Islam for a newspaper and magazines. I stayed in Jakarta for three weeks in a hotel room. A few months earlier I discovered MGTOW after a bad breakup and after a day of work I mostly spent the evenings chilling with locals or watching MGTOW101´s videos to get a good laugh.

One day I was walking home and met a group of students and hung out with them. There was one girl that seemed to like me, so we exchanged numbers and a day later she asked if she could spend the night with me. So she did. That’s how easy it can be over there. Mind you that Indonesia is a predominantly Islamic country but that does not stop the people from having sex before marriage.

Also, I had a conversation with a motor taxi driver who divorced his wife. When I asked him if he would marry again, he reply: No. Finished, and then he told me that the women in Jakarta are bitches and that they like Westerners because of their money.

I think in many cases that is true, although, like I said before, if a woman thinks you are attractive she would like to sleep with you anyway. The motor taxi driver was a true MGTOW and I don’t think he had ever heard of that term.

So don’t think that Islamic men don’t have the same trouble with women as we Westerners have. They are also men. And the women are also women.

When you go to Bali, you see many middle aged Westerners walking around with twenty year olds. I have been told that some of these women are married, have a husband at home, but go out with the Western men to be spoiled with jewelry and other stuff that the husband cannot afford.

So the husband is either pimping his wife or he is a giant cuck. I don’t know, to be honest. What struck me is that there is not always a clear separation between prostitution and just hanging out and having some fun. I think this is so because there is a huge stigma on prostitution over there. At least in Indonesia.

Although, in Bali, especially in the clubs in the city of Kuta, you can spot these girls from a mile away. For a so called sex-tourists Bali is heaven. From what I have heard, Thailand is even better. About ten years ago I did a little research on prostitution in Bali, and interviewed a hooker and she told me crying about the organized crime that is going on over there.

What many of the drunk Germans, Aussies, Americans and other Westerners do not realize when they are taking home a prostitute is that they are watched by mafia everywhere they go. These could be a guy selling balloons or a another guy passing by on a motorcycle: there are spies everywhere. It is a sinister world below the beauty of the Hindu paradise. Because of this idea alone, getting a hooker over there just did not appeal to me.

Another story is about people I know quite well. The man is Dutch and met an Indonesian woman in Indonesia when he was about thirty years old.

After visiting her for a few times he took her with him to the Netherlands, along with her two young daughters. Nine years later they married. When you go that route, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

(1) The first thing is that the woman will often suffer from severe homesickness. Because I am familiar with both cultures, I can tell you that this is mainly because of that switch from a collectivistic culture to an individualistic culture.

The absence of a strong religious presence may be a factor as well. This homesickness will remain for many years and sometimes never goes away. So if you go this path, remember this.

(2) The second thing is: family first. These people have a great loyalty towards their families and their families also expect them to take care of them now the managed to move to a Western country.

This woman sent a great part of her income to her family in Indonesia, to pay for school, for reparations on their houses, motorbikes, starting businesses, etcetera. Even so much so, that the family grew dependent on their sugar mommy in the Netherlands.

I can understand that she took that chance to give the family a better life, but her behavior also showed me how she used the man she was with to help her family. So remember: the chances are high that it is not just about you; it is about her family for a great part. There are exception of course, but I see this happen a lot. If you´re willing to provide for her and her family abroad, by all means, do it.

(3) The third thing: culture differences. It is just a different culture, with different ways of communication. This makes it difficult and challenging. It can be overcome but you should not underestimate this.

(4) The fourth thing: she will adapt. This sounds a bit contradictory in regards to the third point, but a woman will adapt to the women in the country where she is in.

When all these women are feminists, they will eventually stuff the feminist narrative in her throat and give her all kinds of new ideas. I think it is better to keep the woman in her country. I know a man who has a wife and kids in Thailand. He goes there every six months and comes back here for his business.

He told me this works great for him. Honestly, this is something I have been thinking about too. If I can manage to be self-employed, I would live in Indonesia for six months and then go back to the Netherlands again for six months. This sounds like a great life; you will have best of both worlds.

But you might ask Benjamin: how I would interact with the women over there?

Well, I think I will be very cautious because I have both witnessed and experiences different scenarios. I’m a bit reluctant when it comes to getting laid over there because you never know what you are going to get.

Especially when the country is traditionalistic, collectivistic and there is a strong religious presence; you just don’t know what trouble you can bring yourself in. I think in some countries free sex is a reason to be punished.

Although: many of these countries are corrupt so paying some money to the police will do the job.

If you have a relationship I think it is a good idea to keep the family on arms length when it comes to money. If they find out that you are a milking cow they will not leave you alone. They might even shame you or ignore you if you refuse to share a little bit of your wealth with them.

Being ostracized in a collective culture is not fun. So my advice would be: mingle but stay elusive, be friendly but keep a distance. Set boundaries. Keep a sigma mindset: adapt, but stay agile and prepared to run when the shit hits the fan.

I think a MGTOW man and a non-westernized woman are opposites in some ways. In many collectivistic cultures there is no ´going your own way´. You are part of the collective and you live for the collective.

I don´t think marrying into such a culture is a good idea for a MGTOW man. Also, I have seen Western men that are sucked dry financially by their non-western wives and their families. Again, this does not sound like a great position to be in.

What’s left are relationships. I think that would be the best option. Date them, have fun with them and always be clear that you do not want to marry.

Always have your own place and don’t cohabitate. If I would decide to live there, I think that would be the only thing I´d consider in regards to women. Especially when you still have a home in your own country: you can always leave when the shit hits the fan.

Oh and keep them in their own country. I know it is appealing to some men to ´rescue´ a woman from some poor, evil country, but they don’t realize that many of these poor people over there are often very happy.

When I look at the children I see much more laughter and joy than I see with the children here. The same with adults, by the way. It’s just the ´grass is greener´ effect that humans have and that’s why many non-western women would love to monkey branch to that wealthy part of the world that they only see on television.

Strangely enough, many of these women that are living here are not happy at all but just stay for financial reasons. I have also seen oriental men and women return to poverty because they could not stand the loneliness and were chronically unhappy and homesick here. So that’s why I think it is better to keep her there. There are exceptions of course.

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