Red Pill Knowledge, Extremism And Change – Tao of MGTOW series #19

This episode is not only inspired by the Tao Te Ching but also by a heated discussion that recently erupted about what the red pill really is, and if there is such a thing as red pill extremism.

In this part of the series I want to bring a friendly and open minded approach in regards to knowledge, and I would like to end this episode with some words about change. It’s a bit longer that usual.

Before I infuriate someone: this is not an attack on the red pill or debunking the red pill. These are just some thoughts about the phenomena of knowledge and beliefs and how to apply this to the red pill.

To start, I’d like to ask some questions:

What’s the difference between knowledge and beliefs?

Can red pill knowledge be extremist?

Can beliefs be extremist?

The red pill is based on a metaphor used in the Matrix movie which stands for being awakened to the realities of the world, no matter how harsh.

Not trying to be too sciency here, but we could explore the epistemology of red pill knowledge by asking a few questions:

  • What is red pill knowledge?
  • How do I get this knowledge?
  • What can I, as a red piller, know?

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