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The Zeta Male

What is a zeta male? And in what way is he different from, alpha, beta or even sigma males?

A subscriber called John Parinello jr. asked me a question about what’s the difference between the zeta male and the sigma male. Well, to answer that question, I’d like to propose my theory behind the zeta male, or rather, the zeta mindset.

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A Clown’s Philosophy

The internet is currently under the spell or a curious character called Clown Pepe, also known as Honk Honk. I think that Clown Pepe is a good starting point to look at clowns, the philosophy behind clowns, and their tragic yet profound role in society. 

I’m going to minimize political talk in this video, and rather talk about the philosophy behind Clown Pepe and clowns in general.

The idea surrounding Honk Honk is that we are living clown world; an absurd society full of seemingly brain-dead NPC’s that consume everything that the large corporations throw at them, no matter how ridiculous, and, of course, these radical feminists that demand privileges under the guise of ‘equality’ and everyone is applauding them, while men are killing themselves and no one gives a damn. It’s almost like the world is run by clowns. 

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Being A Minimalist, Lone Wolf Style

“The things you own end up owning you,” is a famous quote by Tyler Durden from the movie Fight Club, and I think it’s true. Possessions have a need to be maintained, and maintenance takes time and energy. When I see people who have a large house with a swimming pool in their backyard, own a dog, have two cars and motorcycles, I see them running around all day: cutting the grass, walking the dog, cleaning the swimming pool, cleaning the house (of course) washing the cars and motorcycle, and, last but not least, working a fulltime plus job to pay for all that stuff. And then, after repeating this process several times, they begin to realize that they are deprived of time to enjoy the stuff they work for.

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