Testimonial Of A Senior MGTOW

This is a testimonial of a senior MGTOW. If you want to educate yourself with first-hand experiences of someone who is been around for some time, read this.

Hi, there! I hope I’m not insulting the commenter by calling him “senior”. It’s just that most of my listeners (and readers I suppose) are between 25 and 44 years old. I have based this on my Google Analytics that comes with operating a YouTube channel.

There was a comment that stood out from a user called On The Lamb, who tells us about growing up in the sixties and how he ended up going his own way. I think that his experience is very valuable for all young men out there.

On my video called How To “Defeat” Women Who Shame Men he wrote this (transcript below the screenshot):

On The Lamb

TSW, Another great video!

I grew up in the 60’s. Back then, we were all sold a bogus bill of goods that I’m sure you and any MGTOW knows about. I was taught that women were to always be respected, loved, cared for, looked after, etc.

So after decades of abusive women, two failed marriages, etc. I discovered MGTOW, took the red pill, learned about female nature, hypergamy and the never ending needs and wants of women. I always felt that there was something wrong with the way society was always trying to mold and shape men into what was socially acceptable. There was no internet, no conduit, no spokes person, nothing! When I discovered MGTOW back in late 2015 and started reading all the content, I couldn’t get enough of it (still can’t). It was an eye opener! You see, these feelings of woe, pain, agony, doom, all stemmed from my upbringing. Yes, I was actually trained to be a “Nice guy” and that was ingrained and impressed on my whole life.

Fast forward to today. I now know that being “A nice guy” is poison and hazardous to your health. It doesn’t mean to treat all people differently, just recognize that being too nice to people is not the answer either. My mindset today is to still be respectful, honorable and honest to men, while at the same time, realize that ALL women are all the same as each other and very different than men. I avoid all contact with women unless I have to deal with them then I am cordial and polite, but that’s where it ends. I realize under my breath that at anytime, she is already scheming to try and get one over on me and trying to take advantage of me as it is inherent in her nature. In past years (Pre MGTOW) I worked in an office environment for nearly 30 years and saw first hand the gynocentric and feministic double standards with hiring, promotions, raises, work load, etc.

During that time, I never understood that “I” was the enemy, and that “I” was being earmarked for destruction. Looking back, it’s so very clear why women carried so much hatred toward men in the work place, and I was simply one more man they had to emasculate! Yikes! I’m glad I finally retired from that gynocentric place and limit my dealings with women as I know how they truly are, and that they can’t be changed. I’m no longer a victim, but a surviver! I think that all men and boys should embrace MGTOW and its philosophies and try and not get caught up with the “mangina, white knight, blue pill orbiters, etc.” because those folks are really MGTOW in training, they just don’t know it yet. The “red pill” metaphor for me was the changing point where I stood at the precipice and took that proverbial plunge!

Discovering female nature and hypergamy was the other missing piece of the puzzle. Once I had all the puzzle pieces, I started the healing process, went my own way and never looked back. I take the red pill every day for greater enlightenment. I don’t dwell on the past, but occasionally reflect back to where I once was, a poor defenseless blue pill nice guy. I have come a long way since those painful days. Hopefully one day, ALL men will take the red pill, understand female nature and go their own way!


I made some sentences bold because I think they are essential elements of the Red Pill experience, before and after. There isn’t much I can add: the comment is self-explanatory. Thank you very much for contributing this, On The Lamb!

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3 thoughts on “Testimonial Of A Senior MGTOW”

  1. ‘Discovering female nature and hypergamy was the other missing piece of the puzzle.’

    Considering how much the current society is trying to make them out to be goddesses which is a lie. They are flawed, sinful human beings like men are.

    I don’t believe all women only off what they say or emote because I know women are capable of lying.

  2. “Considering how much the current society is trying to make them out to be goddesses which is a lie.” That’s a big part of the problem. And sooner or later they will find out about that lie. At that point, many men have already thrown in the towel I’m afraid!

    Have a nice weekend, Earl!

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