the meat grinder, romantic love, sons of single mothers, spirituality and self-ownership – chat with xt #1

Recently I had a talk with XT from XT Files. I turned out te be a long talk of almost 5 hours so I cut it in three parts. This is part one.

XT is a 52-year-old American from Texas who has been married five times and built up quite some life experience. He has a MGTOW-channel called XT-files.

We started out this chat in an interview style to cover several subjects, since I wanted to know more about his personal history going through the meatgrinder and being married to an Indonesian woman in the past.

He has lived as an expatriate in Indonesia where he learned the language and learned about Islam as well (his ex-wife is a Muslim). The concept of NAFALT (Not All Foreign women Are Like That) is briefly discussed.

XT did a great job sharing his knowledge and experiences. However. Talking about sons of single mothers directly hit me in the feels. I didn’t expect that and XT made some great points about the relationship I have with my own father.

The chat turned out to be an experience of vulnerability for me. Was it comfortable? No. Was it necessary? I’m not sure. But looking back I think it was inevitable. Things came to the surface that I’ve been doing my best to hide.

Also, we talk about the role of spirituality in MGTOW, swallowing the red pill (and the red pill rage) and we close the talk with a very important aspect of going your own way: self -ownership

Thank you XT for your active listening and sharing your experiences!

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