The Wolf’s Q&A #1

Subjects included: demonetization, zeta, sigma and more. Do you want to know my thoughts on a specific subject? Ask the Wolf!

Hello lone wolves! The last few weeks I have received many questions on my YouTube channel, so I decided to put them together in a Q&A.

Did you get demonetized too? (Damani Jones)

Yes, I did. To be specific: my YouTube videos have limited to no ads. I am still in the YouTube Partnership Program but all my videos are now accompanied by that evil yellow dollar sign.

This sign already appears before I have even uploaded my video! This means that the purge by YouTube is not just directed towards my individual videos but at the channel as a whole.

I am not the only one who is suffering the purge. Almost all content producers that make MGTOW content have been hit. Stardusk (the channel Thinking-Ape) was even thrown out of the YouTube Partnership Program recently.

From the beginning I have been making a variety of content (not just with the forbidden label) and I will continue to do that. However, I have moved my Tao of MGTOW series to other platforms and will publish new episodes on my blog. Released episodes you will find here.

The only people that say alpha and beta don’t exist, are beta themselves. Am I right? (NPD Girlfriend)

I think such a statement has nothing to do with being beta or alpha. It looks more like an attempt to shame guys that refuse to use the alpha-beta system to categorize men. If they do not want to categorize men using this system does not mean they are beta. I do not see any correlation.

What could be the case though: blue pill men that are in denial of a few harsh truths. Harsh truths about women that generally prefer having intercourse with Chad or Tyrone, and settle for a beta male when she had her fun. Who wants to be the beta?

The alpha male (I have made a video about this) is situation dependent. Some men are alpha in the boardroom but completely beta in the gym. A short and simple way to describe the alpha male is: the one at the top of the dominance hierarchy. And there are countless dominance hierarchies.

Those at the top simply get the most female attention. Alpha f*cks, beta bucks. I guess there are some blue pill men that deny this hard truth. Many men are brainwashing into thinking that being nice gets you the poon. It can be a painful experience to find out that the opposite is true.

What is the difference between a monk and a zeta male? (Debargha Dutta)

That is a good question. I have talked about both recently. Here you will find my take on the zeta male and here you will find my take on the MGTOW monk. So, what is the difference?

The difference is that being a monk is a physical situation and being a zeta male is a mindset. A monk simply means that you are a member of a certain group and have vowed to renounce a number of worldly things.

Generally, I see that a MGTOW monk renounces sexual intercourse, relationships with women and marriage. But that doesn’t say so much about his mental state. He can be a very content, happy hermit. But he can a bitter, miserable recluse as well.

A zeta male is a guy who is outside the system of categorization by the ego. He…

  • ..freed himself from excessive thinking and resides in the present;
  • not encumbered;
  • mentally free, like the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree.

I think that this mindstate is the only way to truly be free. Although, it is not easy to reach. I experience it sometimes when I am completely immersed in creative activity. But when I realize it, it is already gone.

This mind-state is like a butterfly that you cannot catch when you chase it. But when you are not thinking about it, it comes to you and sits on you shoulder.

The Tao Te Ching points to this state. And the book The Power Of Now is a practical guide that teaches how you to enter that state.

A MGTOW monk can be a zeta male. But a zeta male cannot be a monk. The zeta male transcends all categorization. Therefore, he is not even a zeta male.

So… what’s in between an Alpha and Sigma? I actually came to be or was born with all things listed on my own, except I also tend to be the top wolf (among dogs) even when I’m not trying. Guys at work follow me (though I don’t tell them to). At social events I’m clearly THE guy (not trying to be)… etc. I also have a propensity to dominate would be alphas who come at me with condescension. Is there a hybrid? (John Mason)

I would say that there are sigmas with strong alpha characteristics. Sigmas are fluid. They do not cling to a certain rank like typical alpha males do. You know, these guys that always need to be at the top. But I guess you fare well among the alpha ranks. Somehow you gain respect.

Sigmas are so adaptable that they can function in different roles and can get along with a great variety of people. This automatically means that sigmas should have some alpha characteristics; at least to level with the alphas.

Do you cling to your alpha position? From what I read I think you aren’t. You only dominate would be alphas if they try to dominate you. Your alphaness is used only when necessary. To me, this sounds like sigma behavior.

So, is there a hybrid?

I think there is overlap between the sigma and alpha.

A man that is the alpha male in most settings can still be a sigma male. The older Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi lives in the desert. He probably meets all 10 values of the sigma male (although I am not sure about ideological independence because of his Jedi faith). Yet, he is alpha everywhere he goes.

This channel is addressed at women. At least this video clearly is. How many women do you think are following you? (Generalu Stelaru)

Actually, my YouTube channel and blog are addressed at men. Although I speak to women in my analysis videos, but I´m afraid they are not listening.

Only 2,8% of my viewers is female the last month or so! And I doubt that many of them subscribe.

I don’t have any numbers for you because I don’t know. They comment occasionally, both positive and negative feedback.

How gay and be at peace with it? (ThePresentation010 )

I’m not sure if this is a serious question but I’ll give you a serious answer. At the end of the day you are what you are. If you are attracted to men then that’s what it is. As far I know there is no “cure” for it. I surely can’t cure myself being attracted to women.

If you are having trouble being at peace with your sexuality, I think the best way to start is radical acceptance. This is a mind-hack.

My people are in denial. They are holding back. And that creates blockages that prevent them from living their lives more wholeheartedly. By radically accepting you accept all the stuff in your life – no matter how dark and painful. You basically wiped the slate clean.

Now you have a starting point. What are you going to do? No matter if you’re gay or straight; I have still my opinion about sexual behavior. Our society is very sexually preoccupied.

Some gay men do the most perverse things to each other. They make AIDS spread like the black death in the middle ages. Their lives are basically about lust. We have a yearly gay event in our city and you see them walking around in their chains leather thongs. I mean, come on!

Straight people can be like that as well, but from what I have seen and heard this behavior is way more prevalent in the gay community. Women are the gatekeepers of sex which will balance out the frequency that a straight couple has intercourse. But if you combine the libidos of two horny men you’ll get a very active sex-life.

Other gay men are not like that. They live productive, meaningful lives. Many great artists are gay. The book Fight Club is written by a gay man.

So, IMO, the question should be: what kind of gay do I want to be? If you focus on becoming a great human being, your gayness doesn’t really matter.

What would you do if you are 33 with a paid off house,but only a small amount of savings and a shit job and no skills? This is the situation I will likely find myself in in roughly 18 months (Ian Robinson)

There are a few things you can do. You can find another shitjob and continue with the same life you have been living. But since your house is paid off I guess you have to opportunity to live cheap so you can work part time.

Working part time unlocks the great asset called time. This time you can invest in developing skills. These skills can be used to do something great.

Great skills may lead you to a better job. Or even better: your own business. It’s a finding your star in the sky: a goal to strive towards.  

I have used my editing and writing skills (and also my knowledge about philosophy) to build this blog and YouTube Channel. My channel went from 100 to 14K subscribers in about two months (still growing).

I’m getting donations and some money from ads before MGTOW was demonetized. But most importantly: it gives my life meaning. Carl Jung once said: man cannot stand a meaningless life.

I have got some other questions.

Meowtrox1234 asks:

Is zeta a hermit?

And Making Melodies My Heart asks:

What are your thoughts on the black pill?

I will answer these questions in the next Q&A.

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