“They’re Trying To Disappear Males”

This weekend I want to talk about a very interesting topic which is that radical feminists are trying to to “disappear males.”

If want to know more, please stay tuned. My health again was going in the wrong direction last two days, so I hope it doesn’t affect my voice too much.

A special poll

For starters I want you to share the results of a poll I posted on the community page a while ago. I posted the poll and just left it there, so I thought: I have to get back at it.

I think it’s important to listen to my audience and find out what they like and don’t like. So I did. And I got a massive response of 1.3 thousand votes.

I asked the following question:  

Who/what would you rather have in bed tonight…

  1. A single mom with an STD
  2. A “strong independent” woman who supports #METOO
  3. Hillary Clinton
  4. A venomous snake

As for today, I can see some very interesting results. The least popular outcome is “A single mom with an STD” with 6% of the votes. Why that is? Unfortunately no one posted an explanation so I guess there are just guys around there that are into this.

The second least popular outcome is Hillary Clinton with only 7% of the votes. Well, I just can’t understand why that is. How can you withstand such an experienced strong woman? Luckily there were some guys who can appreciate a glass of fine matured wine. Or should I see old cheese? I don’t know.

Why people voted for Hillary? Well, here it comes. Tony Tobias says:

I Munoz says:

And Mason Valenzuela says:

A bit more popular is the “strong independent” woman who supports #METOO with 15% of the votes.

Tiefsee voted for it, although with a warning:

Smart move. Shane says:

Wayne Lynch says:

The most popular answer – BY FAR – is… the venomous snake, with a whopping 72%! Gee, how could that be? There are some guys that give an explanation why they would rather have a venomous snake in their bed than Clinton, a “strong independent” woman, or single mom with an STD.

Madmad Monkey says:

Bombay Panther says:

And, last but not least, ultimatelove junkie says:

What a hero. So, thanks everyone for voting! It surely increased my sociological knowledge in regards to my subscriber base.

Let’s go to the main subject!

Our future is female?

Here we go again. I have heard stories about women wearing these “The future is female” T-shirts in the gym which seems to be the ultimate feminist slogan.

A feminist called Kirsten Gillibrand is very sure about her case. She says in a Twitter post:

Our future is:

Powered by our belief in one another

And we’re just getting started.

Alright. I’ll focus on the female part, because intersectionality is a bit too complex to cover and, to be honest, I just don’t know enough about it to form an opinion. So, let’s dive in.  

Our future is female.

Okay, I wonder. What’s so female about the future? Does she mean female leadership? Or more women in the workforce? More female breadwinners? Does that mean that women will take care of men and be okay with a partner that earns less?

Does it mean that women will do all the great inventions from now on? Will they get their hands dirty and do the heavy work like construction? Protect the country perhaps?

No future for our sons

Donald Trump jr. responded to her Tweet saying and I quote:

Good to know. My girls will be excited about this. When is it appropriate to let my boys (9, 7 and 6 years old) that there’s no future for them?

End quote. And that’s the whole problem with this feminist nonsense: it’s sexist as hell. They are blaming men for what they are doing themselves. If the future is female, what will be the role of boys and men in it? Where does the male stand in your female future?

It’s the same as saying: the future is white. Or the future is Russian for that matter. This automatically excludes other groups or puts them on a lower level. What would happen if Donald Trump would say: the future is male? I guess all hell breaks loose.

But, says Elliot with 2 T’s:

Men started every war in human history.

Well, I think eating all that soy has damaged your brain because this is not true. Moreover, throughout history female rules were more likely to wage war than men.

So if Hillary would have been president we’d probably be in a war with Russia right now.

Feminist ambitions to take over civilization

Heather Mac Donald opposes the words of Kirsten Gillibrand on Fox News, saying that feminism is at fundamental odds with “the civilizational legacy that we have inherited.”

She says:

Feminism has ambitions to take over civilization and when that happens you can say goodbye to civilization. They’re trying to disappear males… Feminism is really at odds with the civilizational legacy that we have inherited, that we have to preserve at all costs.

Tuck Carslon says : 

Can I ask you a really simple, quick question? Why would a group — any group — want to poison the relationship between men and women, which is the building block of everything that is good in the world?

Heather answers that question saying:

Because they would rather hate. They are self-interested, they have no understanding of the future. They have no understanding of the values and virtues that make civilization possible, and they are simply seizing power, and are in a manic rage to efface males. And this sounds hyperbolic, Tucker, but you look around at institution after institution that has been taken over by feminists and the absurd diatribes that are launched against males, and that’s the only conclusion you can reach.

I have nothing to add and I think she has described the situation very well. 

People are waking up

When it comes to feminism I would like to say this. People are waking up. Not just MGTOW and MRA. Radical feminists are showing their true colors which is seizing power not the make the world a better place but simply to push through their agendas.

The feminist agendas are not about equality; they are about female superiority and the marginalization of males.

Author Bettina Arndt states that feminism is a destructive force, which has given women a license to destroy men on the basis of the most trivial accusations. She encourages women to speak out against the feminist movement.

“Sadly, the lives of men and boys have become an unmentioned topic.” 

She says. And that’s exactly the problem with statements like “the future is female”.

On a personal note

A few days ago I realized that I am getting more and more sucked in by this kind of news, basically about feminism and the world going to shit.

I have often experienced myself getting very agitated or sad about the things I see on the Internet. Last week I made a community post about Nicki Minaj who now has a relationship with a sex-offender, and I was called out on it by a subscriber which I understand.

Yeah, me. The guy who is preaching Taoist wisdom every week. But hey, I am human like all of you and I guess I have my weaknesses as well. A lot of them. And sometimes I simply forget that we have to take responsibility if we feel like shit. In other words: I have to own myself.

Is it better to quit?

Isn’t it better then to just let all these negative messages go? Well, sometimes I think about that as well. A guy from Austria emailed me about that about a week ago.

Well, I realized when writing down a script for a video about sons of a single mother – this video will probably be released this Monday – that immersing myself in negative past experiences as well as too much information from the media, I get very, very miserable.

And when I get miserable, I start to do bad things and I get sick. This is what happened the last two days.

Self-development and philosophy

That’s why I will cut back on the negative stuff and focus on the original plan for this channel in the future: self-development and philosophy. In other words: MGTOW stuff that makes you (and me) feel good and helps us to go our own way.

I have been experimenting with new lifestyles and incorporating discipline in my life, a new strength training routine and a healthy diet.

I must say: the last two weeks (minus the hiatus) have been great. I will keep doing this and will tell you about it in the near future.   

I will do satire occasionally, though. In fact: I have a good one planned for the near future. But I’ll keep things as light-hearted as possible. Just for te 

Also, I have started a side project and around Christmas I will give you a first look.

Anyway guys, have a great weekend.

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4 thoughts on ““They’re Trying To Disappear Males””

  1. ‘ If the future is female, what will be the role of boys and men in it? Where does the male stand in your female future? ‘

    Simple…they will be the servants, slaves, ATMs, cannon fodder, and sperm donors to the almighty female’s ultra inflated ego.

    Of course this is backwards to how God created us so this will fall apart in no time.

    1. The majority of men seems to be fine with that. Like they have been raised to be submissive simps. And that’s what disturbs me the most.

  2. My point of view, is to simply honor who you are inside, masculine and feminine. It is simply a internal battle within themselves, when they act this out. When it is fed it just gives them power to continue, then pulling oneself out of balance acknowledging it. Send the unconditional love from the universe to them with consciousness attached. If they choose not to receive it, its there choice!

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