Table of contents

Below are the chapters of the book Tao of MGTOW (Volume 1):

Preface (p. 4)
An introduction to the Tao (p. 9)
The workings of the universe (p. 12)
Opposites (p. 14)
Escaping the plantation (p. 20)
Letting go of anxiety (p. 25)
Enjoying the decline (p. 31)
The almighty vajayjay (p. 36)
Beta male providers (p. 42)
Hierarchies & the sigma male (p. 47)
The moderate man (p. 54)
A man’s purpose (p. 60)
The human doing (p. 65)
Why carousel riders suffer (p. 70)
Detaching from female validation (p. 75)
The ten thousand things (p. 80)
The way of the monk (p. 84)
How to be creative (p. 89)
Does MGTOW have a leader? (p. 92)
Why feminism doesn’t work (p. 96)
Red pill extremism? (p. 100)
For those who want relationships (p. 104)
Suffering the red pill malaise (p. 113)

Keep it solitary.

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