Wall street rule: “Avoid women at all cost”

According to a recent article by Bloomberg, the Wall Street Rule for the #METOO Era is this: avoid women at all cost!

The article states:

No more dinners with female colleagues. Don’t sit next to them on flights. Book hotel rooms on different floors. Avoid one-on-one meetings. In fact, as a wealth adviser put it, just hiring a woman these days is “an unknown risk.” What if she took something he said the wrong way?

Exactly. #METOO has made men paranoid in regards to their interactions with women. We could say that – in some way – these men have decided to go their own way. It’s the same gesture. They don’t protest, they don’t demonstrate, they simply avoid.

This may sound a bit contradicting towards what I said in my last video about MGTOW not being a movement, but what we can see right now is that there is a movement going on.

Not a movement in the sense of an organized group, but rather a natural consequence of the ridiculous status quo. Men are waking up and react. And they do it in a non-violent way. They just take measures to protect themselves.

Well, feminists, is there anything misogynistic about that? I don’t think so. It’s just the natural consequence of your behavior. It’s karma.

The article states:

Across Wall Street, men are adopting controversial strategies for the #MeToo era and, in the process, making life even harder for women.

Come’on, so now it’s men’s fault? I think women started the whole METOO thing and men are just reacting.

And making life even harder for women? How about women making life impossible for men? Jesus Christ.

According to the article, we could call it the Pence Effect. Vice President Mike Pence avoids dining alone with any woman other than his wife. Well done, sir!

Another quote from the article:

A manager in infrastructure investing said he won’t meet with female employees in rooms without windows anymore; he also keeps his distance in elevators. A late-40-something in private equity said he has a new rule, established on the advice of his wife, an attorney: no business dinner with a woman 35 or younger.

Well maybe his wife has hit the wall and is a little bit jealous.

David Bahnsen, a former managing director at Morgan Stanley states and I quote:

“It’s creating a sense of walking on eggshells!”

 And that’s exactly how many men feel these days, myself included. So no, questioning this whole #METOO stuff is not some misogynistic bullcrap nor is it strictly confined within the borders of online forums like the MGTOW reddit.

It’s out there. It’s mainstream. And it’s a big deal among men in high powered positions.

So, are we headed towards gender segregation in the financial world? This is what the article says:

Now, more than a year into the #MeToo movement — with its devastating revelations of harassment and abuse in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and beyond — Wall Street risks becoming more of a boy’s club, rather than less of one.

Like I said: karma.

Karen Elinski, president of the Financial Women’s Association and a senior vice president at Wells Fargo & Co thinks that this situation is a real loss. She says:

“Women are grasping for ideas on how to deal with it, because it is affecting our careers.”

Just a tiny suggestion. Don’t blame the men. Blame #METOO.

Lisa Kaufman, chief executive officer of LaSalle Securities, states:

“There aren’t enough women in senior positions to bring along the next generation all by themselves. Advancement typically requires that someone at a senior level knows your work, gives you opportunities and is willing to champion you within the firm. It’s hard for a relationship like that to develop if the senior person is unwilling to spend one-on-one time with a more junior person.”

Could that be because that junior person might follow a feminist ideology that preemptively labels all men potential rapists? Could that be that this junior person can destroy a man’s career if she decides to falsely accuse him of sexual assault?

Lisa Kaufman says:

“Men have to step up, not let fear be a barrier.”

And again it’s men’s fault? It’s men that have to walk on eggshells and jump through hoops because women’s infinite demands.

Moreover, this situation carries a serious danger for men, which is that avoiding women can also be considered discrimination. Stephen Zweig, an employment attorney with FordHarrison says:

If men avoid working or traveling with women alone, or stop mentoring women for fear of being accused of sexual harassment. Those men are going to back out of a sexual harassment complaint and right into a sex discrimination complaint.

And that’s so sad about it. If women start accusing these men of discrimination they will have to walk on eggshells even more.

So what does this all mean for us? Should we step-up and don’t give in to fear? Absolutely not. I consider myself a reasonable person, but if I’d be a high powered Wall Street guy, I would never risk my life to make sure that some junior woman gets trained.

As far as I see it, #METOO has done nothing to improve the relationships between men and women in the work environment, schools, or any other place where men and women come together. Instead, it demonized men and promoted the idea within women to report any man that they *feel* sexually harasses them (sexual harassment is open to interpretation) to the Femdom Gestapo.

This has created an environment of fear. And fear will destroy any environment in the long run. I mean: how can you possibly function when an accusation is around the corner? So yeah, gender segregation may be just fine. Let’s have our male spaces and let them have their female spaces. Everyone happy, right?

Anyway gentlemen, while the women of Wall Street see their career opportunities disappearing like immigrants are disappearing under the border wall between the United States and Mexico, I’m going my own way again.

Have a great weekend!

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