Why Being A Boasting Alpha Male Sucks – Tao Of MGTOW Series #24

A boasting alpha male is a special kind of alpha male. I think we have all encountered such a man at one point in our lives.

He is that gym instructor that can’t stop bragging about his muscles and only seems to ‘instruct’ the gym thots. Or he is that guy that needs to dominate every other guy in the room no matter at what cost.

This guy may or may not go by the name of Chad or Tyrone, and the way he is seen by others is the very core of his existence. Especially by women. Therefore, the boasting alpha male must always be on top everywhere, is always right and always expert on anything. Female validation is what he thrives on.

But the boasting alpha male can present himself in other forms as well; he doesn’t necessarily have to be a typical Chad. Just look at some spiritual teachers and religious authority figures. If a spiritual teacher brags about his spirituality, I’d be very suspicious. If a MGTOW brags about how he is more MGTOW than others and derides other MGTOW, I’m suspicious as well.

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