Why Educated Women Are Lonely

How come that a lot of these women with master’s degrees and PhDs cannot seem to find Mr. Right? Well, let’s dive in!

Where is Mr. Right at?

Last week’s article from the magazine Eve Woman (link below) discusses several reasons why men don’t like to date smart women. It mentions that a study at the University of Buffalo found that men DO like smart women… at a distance. One of the respondents states:

“Most successful women have the ‘I know it all’ syndrome lurking around their minds. They are the type that can fix car breakdowns, or the one that took a woodwork course and can do all repairs in the house, the plumbers who can fix their sewer system issues or the one who insists on paying hotel bills while out on a date.”

Well, well, well. You know, you see the competition that’s going on. A woman that can do anything: look at me ! I don’t need a man! Well, then that´s exactly what you get: no man. Or perhaps a guy that doesn’t mind at all that you are the man in the relationship, which makes him the female in the relationship.

Equal opportunities come with a catch

Feminism wanted equal opportunities and equal rights, so from that perspective a stay at home dad that keeps the house clean and does the dishes every evening would be perfectly fine, right?

Wrong. The problem is that women want equal rights and demand men to be the breadwinners at the same time. In other words: feminism robbed the man of a complacent, nice, caring housewife and then robs him of the opportunity of being a househusband as well. Which means that a man still has to work his ass of on the plantation, but instead of nice steak and a can of beer on the dinner table when he gets home, he’ll be served a stinky cup of bitter nagging from mrs. “I know it all because I have degree in gender studies”. Well, that sounds like a bad deal. I wrote a poem about it:

No wonder that many men refuse to marry miss Einstein
because they are rather served a glass of fine wine
by a sweet feminine woman covered in silk
and not by an arrogant whiner that is aging like yoghurt.

Loss of male purpose

A man wants to feel needed. We are purpose driven creatures. But if we are around a woman that doesn´t need us and is proud of that, what are we? A beta provider – the guy that wants to have a long relationship and seeks to marry – will completely lose his sense of purpose. If he isn´t even allowed to take care of his woman, because she obviously doesn´t need him because she is an independent woman, then what is the point? Being her pet or something?

Well, can´t you handle a strong and independent woman?

Oh, sure men can handle you. But men simply don´t see a point in being with you. Except, maybe, as a pump and dump. That is, if you are good looking. So why are you upset that you can’t find a man?

Dating accomplished women

You didn’t need a man, right? Another respondent stated the following:

“I dated an accomplished woman but we could not have a meaningful conversation, as she always lapsed into academic talk. Even my friends started avoiding me. Can you believe she introduced herself as a graduate from a certain university each time we met new people. It only lasted for three months.”

Jesus Christ. Imagine that this is your girlfriend and you introduce her to your family. You are in a room with about thirty people and she goes like:

“Oh, hi, I’m a post-graduate from the University of London. So, what do you do?”

Below the article, there was a comment by a guy named Darel:

“Maybe because men are intimidated by such women.. Maybe because such women come with a, “I-have-to-always-prove-a-point” war mindset.”

Hmm. This guy might be onto something.

Is there a shortage of men?

Could it be that it isn’t the woman’s fault, but that there are simply not enough men around to date? Is there a man-scarcity? An article in Verily Magazine (link below) states the following:

“It’s not that there are too few men to go around, period. It’s that there are not enough men out there whom college-educated women find marriageable. For many women, marriageable men are considered to be college-educated—and also looking to settle down.”

So there you have it. Women want to marry a man with at least the same level of education or higher. Women put on their war paint and collectively marched out of the gates of the so called patriarchy to flood college campuses and to obtain useless degrees, showing off their independence and female empowerment, but they still expect the man they marry to be above them when it comes to money, status and education.

Educated Woman’s Deception Curve (pun intended)

He comes just my own interpretation, let’s call it the Educated Woman’s Deception Curve. We can also just call it the Wolf’s Curve.

The expectation line

The purple line is the expectation line, which can also be called the entitlement line. This line indicates that the higher the education level of the woman, the more she feels entitled (or expects) a good partner. Another interpretation: the more educated the woman is, better success in relationships she expects. She thinks that if she is well educated, she will automatically be more attractive to a man of the same or higher education, than her lower educated counterparts. Now, this purple line is a deception. It’s a fantasy that is invented by feminism.

The reality is more like this.

The orange line is the reality line. So what does this line say? It basically says that the higher educated women are, the less success in relationships they will have. This has several reasons. The first reason is because they discard the men that are of lower education than themselves, the higher education they have, the less men are there to date.

Getting degrees takes time

Also, the previous article describes that men do not like smart women, so they have to compete against the less-educated (and probably more attractive) women. More about that later. Another reason is that getting a master’s degree, a PhD, and even more degrees, takes a lot of time.

If the woman has not settled yet during that time, she has already hit the wall once she finishes studying. Chances are that she has been riding the cock carousel as well. So, there she is: a nagging, arrogant, miss know-it-all that has been the college campus mattress for many years, but now has hit the wall like her research papers hit the bottom of a university’s basement’s drawer, never to see sunlight again. Good luck finding your PhD, tall, dark and handsome, hotshot researcher, but I guess he is too busy screwing all those twenty-year-olds that invade the campus every year to get a gender studies degree.

Different levels of female relationship success

Let’s take a look at the graph again. If we would categorize the different levels of female relationship success, then this would we the case:

Low educated women that are generally more open to taking a traditional role, have the highest success rate. I’d call that the happy housewife level. In the middle we have the A.E.N. level. A.E.N. stands for Average Entitled Nagger. She has done college, has a bachelor’s degree, and settles with a educated beta male and cheats with Tyrone. Then, the lowest point, is the Ben and Jerry’s level. This is the realm of the expired and miserable women. Watch out, because the highest 15% percent fall into the crazy cat danger zone.

Intelligent men are in demand

What’s interesting is that physically attractive women like intelligent men. An article on the Australian news website news.com.au, states the following:

Nerdy guys are in luck, not only do they have brains, they are said to be more likely to get a physically attractive partner — a recent study has found.

Well, I do not think that is a surprise. They have good brains and in today´s worlds good brains have the capacity to make good money and gain good resources. So Pointdexter may not get any vajayjay in highschool, but when he drives around in his brand new BMW because he earns 6 digits a year at a tech company, the women start to notice him.

Men, nerd included, like physical beauty

The thing is that men are more focussed on physical attraction when it comes to mate selection. Which means that your PhD isn’t really an aphrodisiac. So the intelligent guys with a high sexual market value will go for that hottie that wouldn’t give him the time of the day back in highschool, instead of Miss Pointdexter.

A study published by the American Psychological Association says that women that are considered below average in attractiveness are often married to men with less education.

n other words, education means next to nothing when it comes to attracting men. And you may have a PhDunder your belt and are able to recite from the great philosophical works of Aristotle; if you are not attractive you’ll have no chance with the top 10% of men.

So what can we do about this as individual men?

Well, not so much. Would you date someone with a superiority complex? I certainly would not. Like many men. This is simply the price that feminism has to pay for how it changed society.

Women are getting more educated and are able to earn more and are very busy with being “independent”, but still want all the benefits of the patriarchy. And since there is no real equality because there is no workable scenario in which men and women switch roles in the household, the way things are right now is a lose-lose situation for men.

Only if women lower their standards, which actually means nothing more than, to stop being entitled, there might be hope. If not, well, like I said before: feminism will take care of itself. You reap what you sow. That’s a universal rule that applies to everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Why Educated Women Are Lonely”

  1. “An article on the Australian news website news.com.au, states the following:

    Nerdy guys are in luck, not only do they have brains, they are said to be more likely to get a physically attractive partner — a recent study has found.”

    The study is a lie. I pulled it up:


    “Abstract: We investigated cross-trait assortative mating for the traits of physical attractiveness and intelligence using data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study. It was hypothesized that more physically attractive individuals would have a spouse that was more intelligent, but that this association would be moderated by sex. Specifically, we predicted that more physically attractive women would have more intelligent husbands, but that a man’s physical attractiveness would not predict his wife’s intelligence. The results of correlation and regression analyses were consistent with these predictions, although the effect sizes were small. Additionally, we identified an interaction in which women’s physical attractiveness was more strongly associated with their husbands’ intelligence for more intelligent women than for less intelligent women.”

    They did no scientific study. Correlation and regression analysis are statistics, not science. This is why psychology is disreputable, because data mining until your assumptions are confirmed is the definition of “garbage in, garbage out”.

    Even the article you mentioned shows the truth of what’s going on.


    Look at their examples of “attractive women with intelligent men”: Elon Musk and Grimes, Serena Williams and her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, George Clooney and Amal… “Mariah Carey had a brief romance with billionaire James Packer before splitting in 2016”, heh. Do you think she dumped him for a Unix guru with Asperger’s?

    *GQ checks* She’s not currently married and has recently confessed to bipolar personality disorder.

    Women are sexually attracted to money and power. Such men are often intelligent, too, so there is a correlation. But high intelligence is actively repulsive to women. We’re freaks. We don’t fit with the cool kids. Money and thrills are less interesting than logic structures or mountain horned lizards or taking apart a lawn mower. We don’t know how to talk to women because they talk about boring emotions and never mean what they say and we’d just ignore them except for our urges.

    I didn’t go through the Psycnet paywall to learn their definition of “intelligence” but if anybody thinks George Clooney is an example of high intelligence then they should be ashamed. Most likely, highly intelligent & unsexy men were screened out because the researchers only looked at married people. We nerds know by our own life experiences that many of us are going to die alone.

    And we’re the lucky ones.

    1. Yes, I know GunnerQ. Bottom line: intelligent men are attractive when they have resources. It’s about about resources.

      But high intelligence is actively repulsive to women. We’re freaks. We don’t fit with the cool kids. Money and thrills are less interesting than logic structures or mountain horned lizards or taking apart a lawn mower. We don’t know how to talk to women because they talk about boring emotions and never mean what they say and we’d just ignore them except for our urges.

      I think intelligent men in this regard may be repulsive for women; they are potential beta providers. Many men in tech jobs for example. I see these guys get a woman (often get married) after they have collected a good paycheck. It’s the good old Beta bucks, Alpha f*cks story.

      I made a video about “smart women” a while ago. One of these women said she likes “creative guys.” She gave an example of such a “creative guy” which happened to be Mark Romanek. Mark Romanek is not only creative but he is rich and famous as well. The same counts for “intelligent guys” I think.

  2. ‘Would you date someone with a superiority complex?’

    I don’t mind if she has skills & accomplishments…but no I wouldn’t date someone who is delusional about themselves.

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