5 Reasons To Go MGTOW

You have read about it and perhaps watched a few videos. Why go MGTOW? Wondering if this lifestyle is for you? Then this article is a must read!

Needless to say: MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is a very controversial phenomenon and it’s growing. The beauty of MGTOW is that everyone decides for themselves what their “own way” is, although there is a common denominator: standing up for your individuality and taking the opportunity to focus on your own goals as a man.

Freedom of definition

Some say that MGTOW is a counter-movement to feminism. I see it rather as a natural consquence that is simply given a name. Of course, the freedom of definition makes is hard to give a few solid reasons to go MGTOW because the validity of these reasons vary from person to person.

Why go MGTOW? Well, the freedom of definition is the number one and universal reason to consider it. It’s a lifestyle that encourages you to choose your own and unique path without dogma. And that’s the beauty of it.

Personally, I do not cohabitate (although I did that in the past, but did not like it) and I do not want to get married. Because of past experiences I have become very reluctant in regards to relationships with women. I have good reasons for it, based on first-hand experiences and observations and confirmed by ‘red pill’ knowledge.

So, why go MGTOW? Well, I will give you 5 reasons from my own perspective so you can pick the ones that suit you.

1. You decide how to spend your time

Man in a boat fishing
Man in a boat fishing

Living your life on your own terms will result in a shift in thinking. Instead of taking account of a wife, you have complete freedom of how to spend your time. No more stupid, unnecessary weekend trips, couples counseling or romantic dinners for ‘marriage maintenance’. And no more nagging and complaining that you don’t give her enough attention. Your time is yours.

Tip: If you live minimalistically, you will not need much money to stay alive. Having less financial needs means that you do not depend on the plantation so much.

2. You choose when to spend time with people

Living together with a woman equals unwanted visits from her female friends and family. I hate it when I come home and there are people in my house that I didn’t ask for.

Chilling out
Chilling out

Imagine that you come home after a day of soul-crushing labor on the plantation, and you find that vegan armpit-odored feminist female friend of your spouse sitting on the couch? Yuck!

I prefer my privacy, you know. And I want to go into full-blown introvert mode whenever I like. Especially in my own house. When you live alone, you decide when people enter your house and when they stay the hell out.

3. You choose whom you spend time with

Did I say something about a vegan armpit-odored feminist? Well that’s exactly the kind of person that you do not want to spend time with.

Angry vegan feminist
Angry vegan feminist

During past relationships I always felt obliged to spend time with a number of people that I do not want to spend my time with at all. No matter if it’s your mother in law or that irritating crying female friend of your spouse that has been cheated on by Chad Thundercock for the 24367453th time.

The thing is: you are not obliged to spend your time on anyone. Don’t buy it when people call you selfish, or whatever shaming language they use because you don’t want to give away your time so freely.

Defend your time. It’s the most precious thing you have. If you are having trouble with setting your boundaries, I recommend you the book No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover, to take your power back and become an integrated male that doesn’t strive for approval from others.

So, please, move along stinky feminists, Chad & Tyrone, toxic fake friends and mother in law (that hates you). There is nothing to see here!

4. More time for pursuing your goals

So when you kicked all these psychic blood-sucking vampires out of your personal domain, you have obtained yourself a good chunk of time. It should be clear by now that I value time a lot. In fact, it is the essence of life. And therefore it should be spent wisely.


How much time have you already wasted on keeping an army of people happy? How many years of your life have you spent slaving away on that horrific plan-freaking-tation? There is so much more to life!

You can be creative, travel, study martial arts, get in great shape. Heck, you can even spend your free time building other income streams and kiss your day job goodbye. Travel light and your life agility increases.

5. More quality time for family and friends 

When you have fine-tuned your life to your liking, you decide what people you truly want to be part of your life. These people are your inner circle.

I found out that my lifestyle grants me more quality time with friends and family. I don’t see them often, but when I do see them I truly and wholeheartedly enjoy it.

Brothers for life
Brothers for life

True friends will respect the fact that you are busy or that you enjoy your solitude. You are doing your own thing and if that means that you don’t see them for a long time, true friends will not resent you for it. In friendship, there is a difference between love and possesiveness.

As you can see, all these reasons are TIME related. In this video I will tell you why.

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  1. Modern society does more to sell the MGTOW life than anything you or I could advertise. Good societies reward men for participating; bad societies imprison men before they can stop participating.

    For example, I would love to own property. However, society has priced me out of even thinking about land ownership and enacted thousands of laws to fleece me should I ever find the money. They do not act in good faith so I expect to rent forever. That’s not bad, I always have the choice to leave on a month’s notice, but it’s not what I want either.

    MGTOW is more often a necessity than a lifestyle.

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