Why MGTOW Will Boom In The Muslim World

If you think that Islam is resistant against feminism then you are mistaken. This article will show you why MGTOW will boom in the Muslim world.

Jakarta by night
Jakarta by night

Past years I have travelled to several Islamic countries. I have been to Indonesia seven times. This country has the largest Muslim population in the world. The last time I went there I was in staying in Jakarta (the capital city) for journalistic purposes.

The influence of Western culture

Around that time I was at the beginning of my own MGTOW journey. Thus, I was very sensitive to all things that concerned relationships between men and women. We should not underestimate the power of Western culture, which proves to be very appealing to young Muslims. The weblog Westernization And Islam states:

Muslim youth are being greatly influenced by western ideas and this is very apparent in the way they dress, the foods they eat, the way they socialize, and the entertainment that they prefer and participate in.

No youth in mosques

For my research I have been hanging around in more mosques than I can count. I am not a Muslim (just to be clear). Nevertheless, I was always welcome to shoot some video in their mosques and ask as many questions as I wanted. Overall, the Indonesians are a friendly and polite bunch.

Boy praying
Boy praying

What struck me was the absence of youth during the prayers. There are these kids whose parents obligated them to be there. Later I discovered that most of them are not at all interested in religious life. Playing video games, hanging around on the streets or in shopping malls, drinking, partying and smoking pot are much more popular.

Is marriage going down the drain?

Premarital sex is increasing worldwide. Combine this fact with the things I have seen, and I suspect that free sex is getting more common in Indonesia too. At the same time, many men in the cities are unable to find a marriage partner. 

Westernized Indonesian woman
Westernized Indonesian woman

In the bigger cities you will mainly find westernized women. They are quite materialistic as well from what I have encountered. (I will tell you about my personal experiences with Indonesian women later).




An article in the Jakarta Post states:

Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has shown an increase in the number of singles and unmarried people in the last four decades. The BPS 2010 census indicated that one in 14 people aged 30-39 have never married. The statistic is predicted to increase in the next census in 2020.

For a population that holds tradition and religion and high regard, one in 14 is quite a lot. The coming decade the millennials will enter that age, so I expect another huge drop in marriage rates.

The singles epidemic

In the same article, Karel Karsten Himawan, doctoral candidate at the University of Queensland in Australia, concludes that the majority of singles in Indonesia can be categorized as involuntary singles. He says:

Being single is not their life choice. This conclusion is based on data that show that the majority of singles in Indonesia, or 83.2% of them, have a positive attitude toward marriage.

Indonesian woman with hijab
Indonesian woman with hijab

This means that the majority of singles are blue pill TFLers. The remaining 16,7% (the male part of it) maybe the sprouting seed of the Indonesian MGTOW community. Who knows. But with marriage as one of the cornerstones in most religions there is still a social stigma around unmarried people. The assumption is that people that are not married are somehow deficient.

An tradition of hypergamy

Like in the West, it is just a matter of time before the “unmarried” stigma will disappear, now women become more highly educated. According to data from BPS, more women than men complete high school by 2.03%. Also, the percentage of women completing higher education is 0.35% higher than men. Furthermore, we see an increase of women in the workforce. So why is this a correlation? Well the article says it all, and I quote:

One factor is the tradition of hypergamy (marrying someone of higher social status). It suggests that the man should ideally be of higher social and economic status than the woman. However, modernization and gender equality have increased the number of well-educated career women.

Islamic fashion
Islamic fashion

Well, well, well. Hypergamy is a universal phenomenon, transcending all cultures and religions. For a human being it is as natural as the urge to take a good dump in the morning. The problem is that the empowerment of women is turning the whole system of hypergamy upside down, making it harder for women to date up and for men to date down.

Monkey branching to the Western guy

Let me tell you my own experiences with hypergamy over there. While in the West I´m nothing more than the average Joe, in South East Asia I am hot. Indonesians call me bule which can be translated as something like man from the West. When you are a bule and you have average or above average looks, the women look at you like you are some kind of superstar.

Monkey ready to branch
Monkey ready to branch

I get more of the those “I want you” looks there in a day, than I get here in a year. And those looks vary from the typical “I want your resources” look or the “I want to be intimate with you””look to “I want to have a picture with you so all my Instagram friends can see my new boyfriend is a bule” look. In short, you are in the top layer of the hierarchy when you are from the West.

The bigger better bule

When I was in Indonesia with my ex, I had one girl begging me to find her a Dutch guy. Her boyfriend was a few meters away waiting for her on his motorcycle. He was basically her private transport slave all the time. Anyway, if this is not the purest form of hypergamy then I don´t know it anymore.

Also, I had a good talk with my taxi driver one day, who told me about his divorce. When I asked him if he was looking for another woman, he firmly said:

No, I am finished! And I have a warning for you. The women here in Jakarta are real bitches. They only want your money.

This guy was a MGTOW without even knowing it. Of course he pointed to the fact that I am from the West, and that many women want me because of those resources that I don’t have. Also, like I said in an earlier article called Intercultural Hypergamy, they are perfectly willing and capable to hop from one culture to another, if they are better off there. In this case: rejecting their own kinsmen for the bigger better bule.

Low status Indonesian guys are screwed

So let´s put this into perspective. In a more globalized world with increased mobility, imagine you are a poor, uneducated Indonesian guy. Not only you have to compete against the top layers of your own people; you have to compete against these outlanders as well. You know: those guys that come over snatching your women.

Indonesian man praying
Indonesian man praying

And with online dating, traveling isn’t even necessary anymore. Relationships between people from different countries can spring online. Just go to a dating site to find an international dating pool. This possibility gives women the opportunity to marry up way more that they would be able to do within their own direct environment.

Aside from the globalization of dating, let us not forget a key ingredient that eventually will trigger MGTOW growth in the Muslim World.

Feminism strikes again

Feminism is currently a hot topic in Indonesia. An initiative called Xpedisi Feminis seeks to explore feminism by traveling. In another article in the Jakarta Post a woman called Mariana Amiruddin, from the National Commission on Violence Against Women, gives her reasons to legitimize feminism in Indonesia:

Mariana said feminism was a tool for the betterment of women’s lives. She told stories of female leaders that are often hidden in history, such as Tribhuwana Tunggadewi of Majapahit, Queen Kalinyamat of Japara and Nyi Ratu Mas Gandasari from Aceh. She reckoned that it was high time for history to be written from a feminist point of view.


And of course, this may be true, and in the West we have female leaders in history as well, like Cleopatra, Queen Victoria, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. But what is the point? The majority of, not only the leaders, but the achievers of humanity in general are male.

Could that be because women never had the chance to prove themselves? Well, they have had the chance for some time now. Let’s see what great inventions and humanity changing achievements they have come up with so far:

So Muhammad was a feminist?

Kyai Hadj Marzuki Wahid (Kyai stands for expert in Islam and Hadj stands for a man who has done the pilgrimage in Mecca) supports feminism and gender equality, and I quote:

The claim that the Prophet Muhammad was a feminist had been proven in the Arabian Peninsula. With the spread of Islam, women were seen as humans and equal to men.

We Can Do It!
We Can Do It!

Fair enough. I support gender equality as well, meaning equal rights. I understand your intentions, Mr. Marzuki. But the feminism that has been spreading in the West is not about gender equality. It is about privilege and competing against men. It´s about promoting masculine characteristics in women.

Mr. Marzuki may be an idealist supporting a progressive idea of reinterpreting the Quran, but when realizes that he is bringing in a Trojan horse, it will be too late. We already see protests in Jakarta based on some vague claims of gender violence and catcalling, which is basically a disguise for sexual liberty.

The rise of sexual liberty

Sexual liberty is on the feminist agenda. An example of this are the supposed “virginity tests” for female police and military recruits to test their morals. Jakarta Feminist Discussion Group founder Kate Walton states that “one’s sexual status has no link to one’s morals”.

Well, Islam absolutely prohibits free sex. I am certain that Mr. Marzuki will never support the open air orgy we have on Western soil today. No Muslim would do that. It’s simply against the Islam faith. Period.

If the feminists succeed in destroying the sacredness of marriage, having free sex relying on birth control, and basically trade their religious restrictions for carnal rights, Islam will disintegrate and hypergamy will put male-female relationships into a deadlock.

Final thought: the end of Islam

It looks like Indonesian women will indeed do better in schools and universities and will be pursuing careers, while Indonesian men stay behind when it comes to education and will be increasingly marginalized within the workforce. This will result in the first massive MGTOW wave. 

Assuming that mobility has furtherly increased at that time, more of these women will find partners abroad. They perceive the majority of Indonesian men below them. And when they are technologically capable of finding higher status males elsewhere, their hypergamous instinct will do the rest. Also, the Muslim men will find entitled and empowered women less and less appealing. This will result in a  MGTOW tsunami among Indonesian men.

Muslim praying
Muslim praying

I predict that similar stuff will happen in other Muslim countries. There, men relied on traditionalism for centuries. This meant more equality in the dating pool. Men and women married off and the smaller communities limited dating opportunities. When men realize that these times are over, many will choose the MGTOW path.

Again: if feminism takes over, Islam will diminish. Christianity in Western Europe already has. And let’s face it. When adultery is not punished anymore, free sex is celebrated and divorce is the new standard, is there anything more emasculating more a Muslim man than marriage – once the cornerstone of their civilization but degraded to cuckoldry?

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  1. Marriage is the cornerstone of all societies. Even a pagan society can be stable if its women are servile to her man.

    There are American MGTOWs such as Turd Flinging Monkey on youTube who think Islam is peak Patriarchy. Very frustrating. People are so eager for a solution that even anti-feminists have trouble recognizing feminism in other cultures.

    Hearing that Indonesians are adopting American culture hurts. I wouldn’t wish Hollywood on anybody.

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