Why Women Cheat

Why do women cheat on their boyfriends and husbands? In this article you will finally find out, because these cheating women are going to tell why.

Today I’m going to tell you about the mistakes that we all have made as men, that led to her being the victim who really had no choice but cheating. Because remember: when a man cheats it is his fault. When a woman cheats it is his fault as well. Luckily, after this video you will learn how to be a good, loving, caring boyfriend or husband, so she will not cheat on you. And the good news is that IF she cheats on you nonetheless, you will know that you screwed up and probably deserved it! So, let’s dive in.

Sex only once a month

In the article 7 Women on Why They Cheated in magazine The Cut (link below), 7 women tell why they have cheated. I’ll pick a few things they have said and give my opinion about them. The first one, a 43 year old woman called Jennifer, says this, and I quote:

“My husband only wanted sex once a month, refused to be romantic (married 20 years), and divorce would have been bad for the kids.”

End quote. See? If you only want to screw your wife once a month, of course she has all the right to cheat. Sex therapy isn’t an option of course, and that you have low libido because you are working your ass off on the plantation 5 days a week to come home to a nagging, 43 year old hag, is not an excuse. Perhaps you wife has gained 60 pounds since the day you have put a ring on her finger, but that’s something you have to deal with.

A real man accepts his woman the way she is, despite the fact that Greenpeace would roll her back into the sea if they would encounter her lying on the beach. And divorce would be bad for the kids – that’s for sure – but a cheating mother is perfectly fine.

The spur of the moment

Let’s go to the next one. Melissa, who’s 24 years old, says this and I quote:

“Spur of the moment. I was drunk and my boyfriend had been acting very cold and distant toward me for a while. I missed the attention of feeling wanted.”

End quote. Listen, gentlemen. What Melissa said is a very important lesson. You shouldn’t be such a jerk and act cold and distant to your girlfriend. If she only texts you 20 times a day, and you fail to reply her messages within 60 seconds, that can be considered as cold & distant. And if that happens, she has all the right to cheat.

Pick up your phone

If you are an asshole for not picking up your phone when she calls you or fail to call her back within 5 minutes, she has all the right to cheat. The good news is: if you have done everything right; so you have always texted her back on time and always picked up your phone when she called you, then you’ll be fine.

An exception to the rule

But: except when she is drunk of course. Because alcohol will make her lose her inhibitions and if she cheats nonetheless, it is not her fault. Also, alcohol will make her very emotional, so she might feel that you are cold & distant, which is still a valid reason to cheat. Real men make sure that she never feels that you are cold & distant, no matter how drunk she is.

Mental illness

Let’s take another one. Christy, who is diagnosed bipolar and suffered from depression and stress in her life, also cheated on her husband. He was in between jobs, so she worked full-time, took care of the kids, the house and paid the bills. When she was put on anti-depressants she became more outgoing and the one led to the other. She says:

 “Despite many conversations, fights, and breakdowns nothing changed. The anti-depressants gave me a new energy and I started going out more, getting more attention, not having the weight of responsibility and basically drinking myself into oblivion. I eventually had an affair and later was diagnosed as bipolar.”

Thanks to feminism women are strong and independent, but as a man you must understand that you cannot let your wife pay the bills. If you are not the breadwinner who pays the bills, you are doing feminism wrong, no matter how strong and independent she is. Because her husband was such a useless piece of crap, I do not have to explain that she had all the right to cheat.

The victim

Actually, he should be happy for her that those anti-depressants gave her new energy so was able to have fun going out and hooking up with other men. Especially because she was diagnosed as bipolar, which means that she cannot be held responsible for her acts because bipolar disorder is a mental illness.

This woman is a victim; not only because you have failed to provide for her, but also because she is suffering from a terrible mental illness, which is probably your fault as well. If your woman is a victim, she has definitely the right to cheat.

The long-distance relationship

Let’s take a look at another one. Morgan, who’s 25 years old, tells us that she was in a long-distance relationship. They only saw each other four to seven times a year. They have been without sex for an entire year, and he was always texting his female friends when he was with her. She says:

“I didn’t believe that he was going a full year without sex so I assumed he was cheating and then I started downloading dating apps in my city. I went on lots of dates and hooked up with one guy during the end of our relationship because I felt that we were pretty much over.”

Okay, on a serious note. Going 1 year without sex when you are in your twenties and still see your girlfriend a few times a year is a bit strange. And, seriously, what guy has so many female friends? I have to agree with Morgan that she had a reason to think that he was cheating. Red flags all over the place! If I was her, I’d either confront him or dump him.

Dating apps

The thing is, that she didn’t dump him but chose to download dating apps to start dating instead. In other words: there was a reason to think her boyfriend was cheating and their relationship wasn’t really healthy, which she saw as an excuse to cheat. In the end, there was no proof he was cheating. She only assumed it. For her, this assumption was a reason to date other men.

So remember: if you give a woman a reason to think that you are cheating, she has the right to cheat you back even if you didn’t cheat! In that case, she will not just cheat in the spur of the moment or when she is drunk: she will download several dating apps and date other men. I repeat: even if she is in a relationship with you, she will download dating apps and date other men.

This means that she will sign up to apps like Tinder, Happen, etcetera, spend hours swiping and texting with other guys, exchanging phone numbers, setting up dates through text or phone, spend hours putting on makeup to be with other men, spending hours actually being one-on-one with other men, hooking up with other men, while she is in a relationship with you.

Final thought

So, there you have it! I hope this article has enlightened you about the reasons why women cheat. All I can say is this: there is no logic behind it. If they want to cheat, they cheat, and they will always find an excuse. I have seen many women cheating, and they are always utterly creative in crafting an excuse or a reason why they have done that.

Also, a woman told me she cheated on her boyfriend because he was travelling for three months on his own and she missed him. I have heard a wife say she cheated on her husband because he didn’t give her enough attention. Or what about the woman that cheats on him because she doesn’t believe that humans are naturally monogamous.

In my opinion, no matter what the reason is, or if you are a man or a woman: you always have a choice. You can always choose not to cheat. It’s as simple at that. If you are a person of integrity, you won’t cheat no matter what.

“But when I’m drunk I lose my inhibitions!”

If you know that you lose your inhibitions when you drink, then do not drink. It’s that simple.

“You are not going to decide what I can do and what I cannot do! That’s coercive control! You’re a narcissist and I’m going to call the cops!”

Good luck calling the cops, girl. But I’m going my own way again.

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5 thoughts on “Why Women Cheat”

  1. Why do women cheat?

    Easy answer…and it doesn’t require any hamster excuse

    They don’t respect the God given authority of the husband.

    And even if they are just the made up term of a ‘girlfriend’…fornication is not going to help her respect male authority.

    1. If I would say the sentence “God given authority of the husband” out loud in the presence of modern day women, I would be labeled as a sexist pig and get laughed at. So yes, it is gone.

      1. Being called a sexist pig in that instance I’d take as a badge of honor. Ripping off the mask of the woman saves you time and energy from being involved with the wrong ones that will say you made her cheat.

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