Woman: “Most Guys Aren’t Worth Dating”

Have you ever wondered why so many smart, beautiful and educated women are still single?

How come that there is a whole army of amazing, funny and gorgeous females that are condemned to their Ben & Jerry’s and watching Netflix every night with their cat, instead of being with a man?

Well, I have found a woman who has got this all figured out. Jennifer Still, Managing Editor at magazine The Bolde, has revealed the reasons why so many of these fantastic women are still single. The bottom line is: most guys just aren’t worth dating.

In the article, Jennifer explains us what the problems are that she as a succesfull woman encounters in dating scene.  She says:

We have so much to offer a potential partner and the world at large — we’re strong, ambitious and totally self-sufficient. Meanwhile, guys seem to have thrown chivalry and romance out the window and assume they can get away with the bare minimum. No thanks — they can take that laziness elsewhere.

You are strong, ambitious and totally self-sufficient. So, what did you have to offer again? I really don’t see it. I think that you do not understand that no man is getting turned on by this. On the contrary: who likes a megalomaniac who thinks that she is some kind of godsend to the world? What you are saying is actually the same as a man saying:

Oh, I have so much to offer to a potential partner and the world at large. I’m sweet, caring, nice and I’m very good at vacuum cleaning and doing the dishes!

Well, looks good on paper, but it doesn’t turn a woman on. How do you expect men to be chivalrous and romantic when women have such attitudes? Not to mention that many of these strong and independent women have been riding the cock carousel and have a body count higher than myself when I was playing James Bond Goldeneye in multiplayer mode.

You have taken away all incentives to be chivalrous and romantic, and men assume that the can get away with the bare minimum because they are offered the bare minimum. A comment below the article by a guy called Jarel says is perfectly:

The most beautiful thing in a woman is her soul. They forgot to work on that.

Well, Jennifer, I understand that in your mind, by getting educated and getting a great career, you are automatically entitled to a man that is even more successful as yourself and earns more as well. The reality is that you have priced yourself out of the market.

Most men are not going to work harder because of your entitlements. And the ones who do are a bunch of complacent beta males that want to prove their worth to you. And that’s what you want, right?

Since we know our worth, we won’t accept anything less than what we deserve from guys. They need to be on our level in every sense of the word and if they’re not prepared to do that, we’re not prepared to date them.

Here is where you fail. You…

  • ..don’t know your own worth.
  • ..are completely delusional in regards to your own worth.
  • ..project what you see as worth in a man on yourselves, which is money and status.

But men and women are not the same. Because you are attracted powerful, ambitious men with good careers and fat wallets, it doesn’t mean that men like the same characteristics in women. On the contrary.

In general, men like it when women need them, when they can provide for them, protect them and take care of them. It makes them feel a man. There is nothing great about arrogant, driven, career women like yourself, who demand their man to be in the same rat race as you and to be at the same level financially and career-wise.

It makes you look unfriendly, snobby and not feminine at all. The masculine males that you are looking for – the ones that can handle a strong and independent women – do not want you. They rather want a feminine woman. That’s what you don’t seem to understand. A comment by Mario says this:

This article practically confirmed the red pill movement’s worst fears of the idea of monkey branching. This self absorbed, stuck up, entitled princess attitude that a woman deserves the absolute best.

Let’s see what else Jennifer has to say:

We’ve got busy careers, amazing friends, loving families and passions to pursue. Our schedules are booked solid. That means if we’re making room for a guy, he’d better bring something new and worthwhile to the table. If he’s just looking to get laid or wants to “hang out” until he figures out what he wants to do with his life, he can go elsewhere.

Of course. What you are doing here is marginalizing a man before he even becomes part of your life. You see him as an infiltrator of your amazing, busy life and not as someone to share your life with. He is a mere accessory that is only there to serve; that has to bring something new and worthwhile to the table.

But with that attitude, don’t expect much. Probably, he will see you as nothing more than a pump and dump, because you have nothing interesting to offer to a man. So why women like you are still single? Joel Abella says this:

You basically answered your own question. Have fun being alone for the rest of your life and I would invest in having 3 cats for company and keep them until you hit your senior years because that will be the only company you’ll ever have.

So, let’s see what more Jennifer has to say:

Thanks to feminism and our ability not only to work but to take on positions of leadership in our careers, women are now able to provide ourselves all the benefits husbands used to provide us.

So that’s the point. You don’t need a man. And if that’s so, what’s the point of a man being with you?

  • Hear you talking all day about your amazing job?
  • Listen to your boring stories about you pursuing your passions?
  • Talk about your amazing friends and your gorgeous, independent girlfriends?

Seriously, what are the benefits for men to pursue you, except sex?

We don’t need a guy to spoil us or buy us a house — we’ve got that locked down already.

Well, if that’s so, why do you insist on the man having at least as much money, education and status as yourself? In other words: you don’t need a man because you have everything you need, but you want a man of status and resources? Do you see how absurd it his? That absurdity alone will get most of the men running.

We don’t even need a husband for kids; if we really want to become mothers, there are ways to achieve that without having to tie the knot with someone we’ll just end up divorcing a few years later.

You’re right, Jennifer. There are other ways to become mothers. You can freeze your eggs for example hoping that Mr. Right will come along in the future. But since your sexual market value is going down as fast as your looks after you hit the wall, don’t expect to much of it. What strikes me is the egocentrism in your statement.

Look. In your mind, when you decide that you want kids, you expect the world to provide you with a man to have kids with. And you can dispose of this man whenever you feel like it. But what about the child? What about the father? Don’t you think it’s better for the kid to grow up in a stable family? Have you ever thought about that? I guess not. I guess you don’t care, as long as your whims are satisfied.

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4 thoughts on “Woman: “Most Guys Aren’t Worth Dating””

  1. ‘Have you ever wondered why so many smart, beautiful and educated women are still single? ‘

    I’m posting this before I read the article…because usually the conclusion is in the feministic media anytime a ‘perfect’ woman doesn’t have her ‘perfect’ life plan come to fruition it’s men’s fault. I’ll continue to read to see if that is the case.

  2. Ah yes…it’s men’s fault that they became their own husband and don’t need a man.

    As much as this society emasculates men and ruins our masculinity with insane social engineering…it’s just as terrible educating women on what role they need to take. They should focus on being the helpmate to the husband…not the husband looking for a helpmate.

  3. How come that there is a whole army of amazing, funny and gorgeous females that are condemned to their Ben & Jerry’s and watching Netflix every night with their cat, instead of being with a man?

    “We’ve got busy careers, amazing friends, loving families and passions to pursue. Our schedules are booked solid.”

    Schedules are booked solid with Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix?

    If women are so amazing and already have everything they need, what exactly is the problem?

    Women are their own worst problem, always have been, always will be.

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